Sunday, August 28, 2011

VMAs 2011 Highlights

So there were a handful of things I was super excited about tonight with the VMAs coming on. Lady Gaga opening - kind of disappointing, but only because I wished she'd danced longer. Or I guess I should say he since it was Joe Calderone, her alter ego.

My favorite commercial of the night had to be the new Kia Soul. I loved the original Kia Soul commercial with the Hamsters, but throw in some "Party Rock" by LMFAO and I might consider buying Soul.

What as I most excited for you ask? A sneak peak of The Hunger Games coming out in March. Too bad it was WAY disappointing. I expected more - especially since MTV had been hyping this up for weeks. Hopefully a real trailer will come out soon with some actual story line to it.

And the most talked about piece of news? BEYONCE AND JAY-Z ARE HAVING A BABY!!!!!!!

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