Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Frustration and Glee

Two opposite ends of the spectrum: frustration and glee. Frustration because I'm so tired of dead ends in the job search. Glee because it come on tonight and it's the Britney Spears episode. Can we say amazing?

Almost a MONTH ago, I had a great interview for an unpaid internship in the Fort downtown. Sounded too good to be true! Well except the unpaid part. I was told I'd hear from the guy I'd actually be working with the next week so we could Skype interview (the guy I interviewed with was shocked to find out I drove through a tropical storm for an interview... My resume says TYLER on it, does it not?). Well a week went by and I finally heard from the guy I interviewed with, they'd been super busy and he'd pass my info along ASAP. Well, it's been almost three weeks since that and nothing. I've given up on it and talked myself out of it. As great as it would be to move back to the Fort, my initial goal, it's unpaid and I REALLY want a pet. Pets are expensive in the beginning, as is where I'd very much like to live. I've e-mailed a few places since then and still heard ZIP back from any of them. Is a courtesy e-mail too much to ask at this point? Even if it's a "We got your resume. Thanks, but no thanks." type thing, it'd be great to have it pop up in my e-mail. Depressing, but nice to know they go it.

On the positive side: Glee! Tonight! Britney/Brittany promises to be absolutely amazing. I just downloaded all the songs for tonight's episode - a FIRST in my love affair with Glee.

Also, please remember to send positive energy/prayers/whatever to the University of Texas at Austin after this morning's events.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Pony Down

In honor of tonight's TCU game at SMU...

They passed these shirts out 2 years ago for the big Iron Skillet game, but I could NOT find one for myself. I was so upset. However, there' this fabulous graphic floating around in cyberspace and I'm thrilled to display it today.

If you're not in the metroplex, specifically driving around Dallas in the greater SMU area, you haven't seen the "Beat TCU," "TCU Sucks," or "Fill the Ford" sign around (nor the plane carrying one of said banners behind it). I wonder how much they've spent on all of that, not to mention the t-shirts they've supposedly handed out to students all week. I propose the boys at TCU try to beat the ponies by that much.

Monday, September 20, 2010

SYTYCD Tour 2010

In 48 hours I will more than likely be getting ready to head out the doors of Nokia (now Verizon, but I refuse to call it that) Theater in Grand Prairie to line up and meet my favorite dancers from season 7, the touring all stars, and season 6's winner. In honor of going to see my third SYTYCD tour, I'm going to pick a few of my favorite dances from this season (and one from last) that I hope are on tour. Also, sorry in advance for the ones people recorded from their TVs - they suck but it was the only way I could embed them on here.

Russell and Kathryn Hip Hop (Season 6)

Billy and All-Star Ade Contemporary

Robert and All-Star Allison Contemporary

Lauren and Kent Contemporary

Ashley and All-Star Dom Hip Hop

Top 11 and All-Stars Jazz

Yay! I'm glad this is on tour!
Robert and All-Star Courtney Jazz

If you're new to my blog or don't pay attention to my obsessions, I'm in love with the show So You Think You Can Dance on Fox. This summer was the 7th season (6th summer season, they experimented with a fall season last year). I got turned on to SYTYCD because I knew a girl in the top 20 in 2007. I've known several people to try out since and currently one of my steps-sister's best friends is considering trying out for season 8 and if she makes it to Vegas the family has already said we're going, haha.

Total Frat Move

I love when I know a TFM is from TCU. This one is TOO perfect for words. LOVE it.

I go to a private school whose football team is ranked number 4 in the nation. Not only can you not afford to go here, but we beat you at everything too. TFM
- gary fraterson

Go frogs.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bear Hunt

This is just TOO perfect for words. Especially today, the day TCU shuts up Baylor's trash-talking. Kick off is at 3:30 on Versus for those of us not in the Fort today. My mom bought the next level up on our satellite to get the channel (for a whole $10 more than she was already paying).

We're going on a bear hunt!
We're gonna catch a big one!
I'm not afraid!
Are you?
Not me!

Here comes the gate
Now we're on a bear hunt
We're gonna catch a big one
I'm not afraid
Are you?
Not me!
We're coming to a tall mountain
It sure is high
It sure is wide
Let's climb up it
Well, there's nothing over there
Nothing over there
Nothing back there
Hey! Wait! I think I see something
Quick! Everybody run down!

We're going on a bear hunt!
We're gonna catch a big one!
I'm not afraid!
Are you?
Not me!

This song is a kids song with echos(that I deleted), but how perfect would it be if Andy and GPat led the singing of this before running out of the tunnel today? Oh my gosh, I think I'd pay money. Go frogs!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I'm fickle and I'm tired of the old look, so I'm introducing a new look! I'm a little bit in love with this, although it makes me feel really young, but I think it fits the "Welcome to GrownUpLand" theme in an ironic way. Let me know what you think, readers. I know you're out there.

I also made the title part of a collage! I've been trying to figure out how people have been doing this. I had no idea there was an option for it on the design part of blogger, so I made a collage at picnik and loaded it that way! I feel so resourceful! I deserve a pat on the back.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


It's over, thank God!

Day 30 - A photo of myself and 3 good things that have happened in the past 30 days.

You don't get the photo, sorry. It's almost midnight, I've had a bad day, and I look like crap. Deal with it.
3 good things?
1. I've had two job interviews.
2. I get 15 free downloads every quarter from Napster thanks to my mom's Best Buy Reward Zone points - yay new music!
3. TCU has won their first two games!

TH END, finally!!!

Next Blog >>

Have you ever clicked that little link up there that says "Next Blog>>" ? It's fantastic if you're bored like I am right now. However, sometimes I wonder how and why Blogger picks what the blogs to pop up on my screen. I know blogging about your upcoming family is a poplar thing for young moms and dads to do right now, and I think it's precious, but I went from random gamers dudes' blogs to upcoming family blogs, which were adorable, and then it went into random languages that aren't English blogs (I'm assuming most were French, but some weren't). How did Blogger decide to go from random gamer dudes to sweet little children on their first day of pre-school? There's just no telling, but I do highly suggest clicking that link up there when you have some time, you almost always come across one cute little blog about a family somewhere out there.

In other news, I'm in a bad mood. The cute little family blogs helped some, but I'm still not at a break even point where I'm neither unhappy nor happy. I'm finally feeling some serious frustration with the job search thing. Among other aspects of my life. I'm just ready for the next chapter to have already started. I hate beginnings. I like middles. I think one of the things I'm most frustrated with is how bored I am. I need something to keep myself busy. A book to read? A Chelsea Handler book perhaps? A GRE book to study? I don't know... What I do know is that in 7 days I will be getting ready to go to Grand Prairie to see the SYTYCD season 7 tour and my step-sister, Katy, will be 21. CRAZY.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day Twenty-Seven, Eight, and Nine

I told you I'm not motivated to finish this at all, but luckily tomorrow will be the last day and then I won't have to feel guilty any more...

Day 27 - A photo of me from last year and how I've changed...

This is exactly a year (and a few days) old. Most obviously how I've changed: I'm 22, not 21; I graduated from college; I'm unemployed; I no longer live with these two fabulous ladies because I live at home with my mom due to the unemployed-ness. I also think my temper has changed. I get frustrated over some of the most random things and way more easily than ever.

Day 28 - My favorite movie.
This is a toughy because I love movies. I'm obsessed. At any given time, there are at least 3 movies I'd love to see in theaters. Then I have to buy the ones I like when they come out on DVD. I am obsessed. I guess currently a few of my favorites include, but are definitely not limited to:
Remember Me

A Christmas Story


Day 29 - Something I could never get tired of doing...
Good question... I'm exhausting the list of my favorite things in my head and I can imagine myself getting tired of most, if not all of them. I guess what I'd get LESS tired of would be being creative. I love the creative process and being hands on while creating whatever it is I was thinking of.

ONE MORE DAY!!! I'm so glad. This 20 day blog challenge didn't sound too awful at the beginning but it's just bad now.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day Twenty-Six

A picture of somewhere you've been to... recently? In my life? What?

I guess I'll do recently... Cowboy's Stadium... AKA: The Death Star, Jerry's World or Gary's World last weekend!

Currently, I'm listening to the game on KTCU. I had GameTracker up, but it gets so delayed... Middle of the 2nd qtr, TCU 21, Tennessee Tech 7. And it's... 3rd DOWN! Go Frogs!

Also, God bless America!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 23-25... I'm a slacker...

I'm so close to the end of this, but I'm just so NOT motivated to do it...

Day 23 - 15 fact about me
1. I want to be part of a Flash Mob. Real Bad. 2. I'm a huge movie person. I'll see almost any movie once, except scary ones. The really good ones I'll see at least twice. 3. I'm tired of this blog challenge. 4. I get paranoid about the weirdest things sometimes. 5. I change my mind about which pet (Russian Blue kitten or tri-color Corgi puppy) I want daily, if not more than that. 6. Even though I love my XM preview in my car, I still get really annoyed with it. 7. I'd love to relive the years 2005-2009. They were awesome and awful all at once. 8. I'm 22 years old and I still LOVE Disney. 9. TCU Stadium has the best hot dogs ever. And I hate hot dogs. 10. I love McDonald's breakfast! 11. I really like milk. 12. I want to take a cheesy roadtrip around Texas where I stop at random landmarks and other historical places. 13. I hate my fingernails to but cut down to the quick. I need a little bit of white. 14. I wish I had tried out for Showgirls when I decided to go to TCU. OR that I just hadn't stopped dancing when I got to college. 15. I like to blast the radio and sing really loud when I'm in the car alone.

Day 24 - A photo of something that means a lot to me...
I've never taken a picture of it and I'm lazy so you don't get one:My grandmother's wedding ring that she turned into a pinky ring after my grandfather died.

Day 25 - What's in my purse?
wallet, checkbook, pens, camera, cell phone (when I'm not home), keys, kleenex, random tickets from movies and other entertainment, hand sanitizer... more but I can't think of it.

less than a week of this left - thank God.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day Twenty-two

Day 22 - A letter to someone who hurt me recently.

That's a little personal. I don't think I'd have the guts to do that if I had a letter written... So instead I'll change it to a update on my life.

I've been on the hunt for jobs for over a month now. I've had one interview and I have another tomorrow. Tomorrow's interview is for an unpaid internship, but the place looks amazing and they loooove TCU grads, so it sounds really promising - and if not, then interview practice always helps. The first interview was in Dallas for a technology ad agency. I don't think it went badly, but it probably could have gone a ton better. I didn't get asked back for the second round, but by the time I had heard back from them I had talked myself out of wanting it. I love visiting Dallas, but I can't see myself living there. Ever. It's just too claustrophobic for me. After that interview, I drove over to SMU and had lunch with Molly! It was great to see her and catch up, hopefully it will happen much more often once I make I make it back up to the DFW. That weekend, I ventured back up to the DFW for a big-little bonding night in Arlington with Courtney and then FW for Maggie and Allison's birthday celebration. The next big thing that happened was the TCU game at Cowboys Stadium this weekend. Can we say "AH-MAZE-ING!"? Because that barely begins to describe the stadium, the game, and the turn out. Our boys looked like BAMFs in their new Nike uniforms, but I must say I like last year's just a tad better. In case you were in a hole or something this weekend, TCU won. Oregon St. kicked a safety for us and sealed the deal. That morning I went to Johnson's wedding in Plano. He and Allie are adorable! They both looked so happy all day. I left the reception early though to go to the game, so I missed out on some of the fun stuff. But the ceremony was really nice - especially when Allie's pastor pulled out her stuffed animals.

Gary is my homeboy.
That's pretty much it for now. As I encounter more big girl adventures I'll keep you updated.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Day Twenty-One

Day 21- A photo of something that makes me happy

old pictures and memories make me happy :)

Day Eighteen - Twenty? FAIL.

You'll have to forgive me! College Football started this weekend and I had to travel to the glorious Cowboys Stadium in Arlington to watch my amazing TCU Horned Frogs take on (and kill) the Oregon St. Beavers. Not only that, one of my dearest friends got married that morning in Plano as well! Needless to say, it's been a slightly crazy Labor Day Weekend. So here comes a big post of all the days I've missed!

Day 18 - Something I crave a lot.
I'm editing this to something I crave a lot lately.

I've been ALL about big soft pretzels from the mall kiosk lately. They're amazing. My mom tried to find some at the grocery store. Nasty. Nothing like the big soft ones at the mall.

Day 19 - Another picture of myself

Day 20 - The meaning behind my blog name
When I named my blog "Welcome to GrownUpLand'" I imagined a city limits sign on the side of the road with this greeting. Maybe a population count of 1. However, I am not the most artsy person when it comes to Photoshop and InDesign despite what I like to think - I'm totes the creative mind behind stuff, not always the creator. So I couldn't quite bring that to life, but I loved the name idea, so I stuck with it.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Growing Up...?

Last week I read an article in the NYTimes about how recent college grads like myself and even a few older are moving back home more and more. In this economy, can you blame us? Yeah, it's better, but it's not what it was and jobs are scarce despite us being the cheapest for hire. However this blog perfectly illustrates WHY we are doing what we're doing.