Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day Twenty-two

Day 22 - A letter to someone who hurt me recently.

That's a little personal. I don't think I'd have the guts to do that if I had a letter written... So instead I'll change it to a update on my life.

I've been on the hunt for jobs for over a month now. I've had one interview and I have another tomorrow. Tomorrow's interview is for an unpaid internship, but the place looks amazing and they loooove TCU grads, so it sounds really promising - and if not, then interview practice always helps. The first interview was in Dallas for a technology ad agency. I don't think it went badly, but it probably could have gone a ton better. I didn't get asked back for the second round, but by the time I had heard back from them I had talked myself out of wanting it. I love visiting Dallas, but I can't see myself living there. Ever. It's just too claustrophobic for me. After that interview, I drove over to SMU and had lunch with Molly! It was great to see her and catch up, hopefully it will happen much more often once I make I make it back up to the DFW. That weekend, I ventured back up to the DFW for a big-little bonding night in Arlington with Courtney and then FW for Maggie and Allison's birthday celebration. The next big thing that happened was the TCU game at Cowboys Stadium this weekend. Can we say "AH-MAZE-ING!"? Because that barely begins to describe the stadium, the game, and the turn out. Our boys looked like BAMFs in their new Nike uniforms, but I must say I like last year's just a tad better. In case you were in a hole or something this weekend, TCU won. Oregon St. kicked a safety for us and sealed the deal. That morning I went to Johnson's wedding in Plano. He and Allie are adorable! They both looked so happy all day. I left the reception early though to go to the game, so I missed out on some of the fun stuff. But the ceremony was really nice - especially when Allie's pastor pulled out her stuffed animals.

Gary is my homeboy.
That's pretty much it for now. As I encounter more big girl adventures I'll keep you updated.

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