Monday, July 23, 2012

Grad School?

Maybe it's not big to y'all, but I've made a fairly big decision recently. I decided this weekend that if our current president is re-elected, I'm going to go to grad school. Even if he's not re-elected, I might still go to grad school, that I'm not so sure on yet.

Anyway, this decision process also includes taking the GRE, obviously. So for those of you out there in the blogosphere that have taken the GRE/gone to grad school I have a question for you (or several, really):
1. How hard should I study?
2. Do you recommend a study book/plan/program?
3. If yes to 2, what?

The first available PAPER test I can take is in November and it's about 45 minutes away from my house (according to Google Maps). But I can always stay in town and go to a testing center for the COMPUTER test. So Question 4. Do you recommend the PAPER or COMPUTER based test?

My undergrad degree is in Advertising and Public Relations. I haven't decided if I'll go ahead and stay with that or just move into general Communications. Today, at this very moment, I'd do Ad/PR. This may be another decision I make based on the election in November.

ANYWAY! I appreciate your help in advance. I'm getting pretty excited/nervous about this decision, especially since I've started vocalizing it to people (makes it more real). I'm hoping to get some more answers from my dad's friend who's helping out little seester with scholarships for college (and hopefully me for grad school, now haha) to get more answers about grad school in general, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Liebster! Thanks, Michelle!

My friend, Michelle, has given my the Liebster Award!

What is the Liebster Award?
"The Liebster award is given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. The meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome."- Adrian (Adrian Loves Owls)

The Rules:
- Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
- Answer the questions that the tagger set for you PLUS create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer.
- Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
- Go to their page and tell them.
*No tag backs!*

11 Things About Me:
1. I love movies.
2. Mosquitoes love me. I hate them.
3. I have a corgi. He's hilarious.
4. I refuse to read 50 Shades of Grey. I could barely make it through the Twilight Series because Stephenie Meyer's writing is SO awful and I hear 50 Shades has worse writing than that.
5. I minored in English and I am a self-proclamed Grammar Nazi.
6. I am an only child but I have two step-sisters. I get the best of both worlds!
7. I'm beginning to understand why sorority girls order shirts too big: SO comfy. Especially to sleep in.
8. I love a good pedicure.
9. I can't wait for the Olympics!!! Ads galore and hopefully a ton of British accents since they're in London.
10. I'm doing 101 in 1001. You should check it out.
11. I'm doing a Project/Photo 365 (+1) this year on Instagram.

Michelle's Questions for Me:
1. What is your dream job?
Right now I'd love, love, LOVE to have a full-time job, period. And I'd love it to be in social media. But my absolute dream job, if it was possible to stay in Texas and do so, pick music for TV shows, movies, and commercials. Ever since The O.C. had such awesome music, it's been my dream!

2. Which Olympic sport would you like to compete in if you could?
I was OBSESSED with Gymnastics during the '96 Olympics. I'd watch it for hours in my room and pretend to be Dominique Moceanu (that's spelled wrong). In recent years I've come to appreciate swimming and diving, too. Any of those three would be a ton of fun!

3. What does your dream house look like?
Some combination of everything pinned on this board. Big, colorful, fun, and cozy!

4. What food would you not want to live without?
Carbs. And chocolate. Soooo... chocolate cake? Yes.

5. What skill do you wish you had?
I wish I had the skill to NOT scratch bug bites. Is that a skill? It should be.

6. What is your favorite city you've ever been to?
I'd LOVE to go to NYC, Chicago, SLC, Boston, Seattle... I'd guess that Salt Lake City would end up being my favorite, though. I'm dying to visit where the 2002 Olympics were! It looked gorge on TV!

7. If you could go back in time, what decade would you go to?
I would have had the BEST hair in the 80's so I'm gonna say the 80's. I remember growing up, I used to hate 80's music and everything about that decade totally embarrassed me, but now that I've grown up and matured (hah), I'd have to say the 80's look pretty great. Bright colors, classic dance party music, big hair (my hair was meant for this), REAGAN? Sounds like fun to me!

8. Water ski or snow ski?
I've only tried water skiing and I was no bueno at it (but I was only 11-ish). I'm kind of afraid at how bad I'd be at snow skiing, so I'll stick with water skiing - hahaha.

9. If you could get a free pedicure or massage every week for the rest of your life, which would you choose? I've never had a massage, but I do love me some pedicures, so I'll go with pedicures. I got one last week and it was heavenly. My exfoliating leg scrub is my absolute favorite part!

10. Favorite childhood tv show?
TV shows in the 90's are classic. You name it, I probably loved it. Rugrats (before Dil), Recess, Hey Arnold, Pepper Ann (oh, man, that MIGHT be my favorite), As Told By Ginger, The Wild Thornberrys, Doug (on Nickelodeon, the Disney version was not as good), Ahhh! Real Monsters, Angry Beavers, etc. 90's cartoons were (and still are) the best.

11. What is your dream car?
I'm not a huge car person, but I did see a really nice BMW yesterday that caught my fancy. I thought, "self, one day when you're rich, you can get one of those." I think half of the reason I liked it was because it was navy and I just love navy cars. I don't really know why...

11 Questions for 11 People...
1. Danny, Uncle Jesse, or Joey?
2. What is your favorite musical?
3. If you could have any exotic animal as a pet, which would it bed?
4. If you could co-host one talk show, which one would you choose?
5. What do you think clouds taste like?
6. If you could be on your favorite (current) TV show, what would it be?
7. Of ALL the concerts that have been performed in the world and time, what concert would you love to turn back the clock and go to?
8. If you could be best friends with one celebrity, who would it be and why?
9. Sweet, spicy, or salty?
10. What is your dream vacation?
11. You're in mortal peril. A super hero is on his/her way to save you. Who do you want it to be?

11 Bloggers!
Julie at Just Julie C
Emily at Not in Texas Anymore
Olivia at Mother May I
Hayley at Classy in KC
Bethany at
Megan at Sky High Heels and Sweat Pants Too
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Halei at not oriented
Allie at Jill of All Trades
Ashley at
Kathleen at Places I Will Go

Yay Liebster Award! I wouldn't be surprised if any of these girls have gotten tagged before, they're all pretty awesome! Go check them out and follow them!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Monday, July 9, 2012

Things to Remember...

For me and for you.

I recently heard a friend complaining about being single. Having been single all but 2 months of my life (literally), I turned to her and said "WAHHHH." She then responded with something I've heard a handful of times that infuriates me every time, "Yea, but you don't know what you're missing."

I'm sorry, what? Maybe that's true, but at 24 years old, I've SEEN what I'm missing, I've HEARD what I'm missing, Maybe I haven't FELT what I'm missing, but I think I have a pretty good idea of what I'm missing. Thanks. I feel like you've basically called me stupid. Not only did you make me feel bad about being single, but you've insulted my intelligence.

I'm not here to complain about being single (I mean, it's annoying and I'm tired of it, sure!), I'm here to tell you girls who are in a relationship or have recently become single and have your always single friends, do NOT ever tell those always single friends, "You don't know what you're missing." If they're like me, they will be pissed. They will be angry. And they will be upset.

Here's something I've seen on Pinterest lately that I keep trying to remind myself when I am upset and have people remind me I "don't know what [I'm] missing."

Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday's Letters

Hello! I'm linking up for Friday's Letters for the first time and I'm very excited about it!


Dear Nappy, waking up at 8:21 am on Friday is fine. It's the barking me awake that isn't cool. The barking outside for 30 more minutes isn't very cool either. I don't think the neighbors appreciate it... #puppyprobs

Dear Magic Mike, thank you for your awkwardness, inappropriateness, and hot man-candy. You were a perfect Thursday night seester date with Sarah last night. And thank you for giving my mom something to do on the Fourth while I was swimming. I don't think I could have seen it with her.

Dear football season, I. Can't. Wait. TCU is finally OFFICIALLY a member of the Big 12 and football season is going to rock. No more cupcakes. No more hearing "well, you don't actually play anyone"/"who do you guys play?" It's going to be awesome. Go Frogs.

Dear 20-something's dance class tuesday night, you kicked my ass and I loved it. I danced for the first time in years? and it was amazing. I can't wait to dance more (and hopefully shed a few lbs I've gained since March-ish).

Dear seester, I know you're sad you're not going to be able to dance for a few months, but surgery is totes worth it. You're going to be able to dance without crying in pain every performance. You're going to be so glad you did it when you start dancing again. I promise.

Dear readers, my sister is having surgery early this afternoon. Please send up some prayers or good vibes or what-have-you for a successful first surgery (knee today, foot in a few weeks) and a speedy recovery. Thanks!

In addition to Friday's letters, I'm also linking up for Hollie's Follow Friday! Are you linking up with us?

Monday, July 2, 2012

Instagram 365 (+1): June 2012

In the midst of my crazy weekend, I totally forgot to recap my June! Can you believe we're halfway though 2012 already?! It's crazy.

I attempted to single-handedly save the United States Postal Service while all of my loves were at camp.
June 1, 2012 - single handedly trying to save the USPS

My little got married in Fort Worth so I got to see lots of fun people!
June 9, 2012 - Fort Worth trip for Whitney and Michael's wedding and a little Mellow with @mandaaamichelle

I stalked my babies at camp on their day off and texted them a ridiculous amount since they had their phones.
June 11, 2012 - aides day off, texting and fb stalking my senoraidas! #campmystic

I saw Coldplay in Dallas and fell in love with Chris Martin.
June 23, 2012 - #Coldplay at #AmericanAirlines, #amazeballs

I got my charm bracelet and rings polished at James Avery in Tyler. They counted my charms and there are 52 of them. Insane.
June 27, 2012 - get all of my #jamesavery jewelry polished for round up! Can't wait for a weekend at #campmystic

Round Up finally got here and I was reunited with my seester and my babies!
June 29, 2012 - Round Up!!! @sarahann127 @juliak67

How was your June? It sure flew by, didn't it?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Gives You Hell

When you see my face Hope it gives you hell Hope it gives you hell When you walk my way Hope it gives you hell Hope it gives you hell When you hear this song and sing along, oh you'll never tell Then you're the fool, I'm just as well Hope it gives you hell When you hear this song I hope that it will give you hell You can sing along, I hope that it puts you through hell

Madee, you were one of a kind and you are so missed. "Gives You Hell" will always remind me of you and bring back memories of your hilarious stories and all of our good times. I hope I can live life to the fullest, just like you. Rest in peace, funny lady.