Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Shennanies

So sue me, this episode of Weekend Shenanigans is from last week. Deal with it. It's a good one.
Sami's Shenanigans

So Thursday morning, I woke up super early so my mom could drive me to the local airport. I flew into DFW and had a four hour layover. Got to see a super cute Soccer team of boys who were flying from my gate on the flight before mine - bummer. My two friends, the Amandas got there and we had a little bit of phone drama just before we left (that concluded once we landed in Raleigh AND had a happy ending).
landing at DFW at 6 am
Once in Raleigh, Stacey picked us up and gave us a mini tour before taking us to the hotel to get changed for dinner at her parents' house! We had a blast and I learned that I'm really good at cornhole. So, hit me up, boys. I'll be your secret weapon because I can act like I don't get what's happening (which I don't really), but I'm really good! I swear!
Rocking at cornhole
Friday morning, I got up and had breakfast at the hotel with the Amandas before heading out with them, Stcey, and Stacey's cousins, mom, and aunt for lunch and mani-pedi time! After that we went back to the hotel and all enjoyed a little cat nap. Stacey's aunt and uncle drove me over to the dinner part of the rehearsal dinner. Dickey's BBQ catered and it was delish. While we ate, Adam's sister (ANOTHER Amanda - can you believe it!?) organized a cute little game for everyone to play about Stacey and Adam. It was so cute and I definitely want to incorporate it into my wedding one day.
me and Amanda after the rehearsal dinner
Saturday morning, I got up and had hotel breakfast with the Amandas (minus Adam's sister) before they went over to get ready for the wedding with Stacey and the other bridesmaids. I went over to help set up the reception with Stacey's dad, aunt, uncle, and cousins. Then I ran all over town with Stacey's aunt and uncle looking for a CVS or Walgreens. In Texas they're on just about every corner - SO easy to find! We had to drive out 30 minutes to find a Walgreens! It was insane. After a late lunch, we all went back to the hotel to relax and get ready for the wedding!!!

Stacey's dad and Adam's brother-in-law performed the ceremony which was so cool. I really enjoyed Stacey's dad's little sermon about how he worked on it for 25 years. I thought it was so sweet and wanted to yell "AWWWWWW!" hahaha. The reception was after, obvi, and we ate, danced, and drank (maybe a little much) late into the night.
Stacey and Adam - I've never seen her look SO happy. #loveit

Brooke, Amanda, Stacey, me, Amanda, and Kaitlyn
After the reception, we all went out around Raleigh. Stacey and Adam weren't going anywhere immediately after the wedding, so they joined us. Raleigh knows how to have a GOOD time, y'all. They get rowdy there. I started calling it Rowdy Raleigh, just to let you know how much fun I was having - hahaha.

We shut down the bars and we all caught cabs back to the hotel. Sunday morning, one of the Amandas and I had the same flight back to DFW so we said goodbye to the other Amanda, had a quick breakfast, and got picked up by Stacey's dad for our ride to the airport. We said our goodbyes (although not for long since I'm now moved back to the DFW!) and I waited for my flight back home (which got delayed for an hour and a half - ugh).

This probably would have been a more exciting post if I had posted it last Monday, but I was busy having my super cute furniture delivered to my awesome apartment! Pictures to come, I promise! I just want to decorate it a little more so it looks homier.

Friday, July 26, 2013

July Jam Sesh

I almost forgot that today is the last Friday of the month! July has been CRAY, y'all. Especially since last Thursday, but as promised I'll be sharing last weekend on the upcoming week's Weekend Shenanigans. Today is all about the music that has helped my July rock its socks off.

Royals by Lorde
Royals by Lorde on Grooveshark
It's catchy but a little funky, right? I'm totally obsessed.

Dead in the Water by Ellie Goulding
Dead in the Water by Ellie Goulding on Grooveshark
Not a rockin' song but something to fall asleep to. Mariah and Carlos did the most beautiful dance to this a few weeks ago on So You Think You Can Dance and I still can't get over how beautiful everything about it was. YouTube it, guys.

Bring the Noize by M.I.A.
Bring the Noize by M.I.A. on Grooveshark
Big turn around from the previous song, I know, right? Anyway, this was another SYTYCD find. I love the summer because I find out about so many fun songs on SYTYCD.

Take Back the Night by Justin Timberlake
Take Back The Night by Justin Timberlake on Grooveshark
Have I told you guys how freakin' excited I am to see him in December?! Because I'll only get more obnoxious from here on out... Also, I'm loving the disco vibe of this song.

What songs rocked your July?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Random Though Sock

Just one random thought sock, though. For now, anyway. I promise to write a real post on life next week! I'm going to do a Weekend Shenanigans link up Monday but for last weekend while I was in Raleigh. Is that cheating? I say no.

Anyway, on to my random thought sock. Why are ID/Rabies tags SO EFFING HARD to get on and off dog collars? Sure they stay there a year, but I've already been working on changing out Nappy's for a good 20 minutes and I'm about to pull my hair out. You need at least 17 hands for this ish. My mom said she'd do it, but what am I going to do about this when I actually live alone? For real.

Anywhoodles, I started the moving process Monday and will be finishing it up this weekend, hence saving the post for next week.

Off to catch up on Pretty Little Liars!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Etsy Addiction

So subconsciously, I must be really excited for my big move (which is now happening a day early which means it's only 12 days away now - booyah!). Anyway, the past three (or is it four) nights I've stayed awake until at lest 1 am. It sucks because I'm mentally ready for bed and tired, but physically I'm not the least bit sleepy. So I've resorted to taking Benadryl, which helps, but not quickly enough.

Anyway, in an attempt to combat staying up too late for my old self, I'm not taking a nap today. Which means I'm having to find things to occupy my time. Like dancing in the living room with my iTunes turned way up. And trying to remember the last three or four dances we've learned in dance, however I can't even remember the one last night we did to the True Blood theme song. My brain... I gotta work it out, because I'm starting Grad School in a few weeks.

And I found Etsy. And I bought two bandanas for Nappy from Itsy Bitsy Gatsby (a store owned by a girl with two precious corgis) and some magnets with corgis on them. It's a serious problem. I have so many saved things I need want to buy on there. Also, don't mind me while I become the crazy corgi lady. Or just the crazy Esty addicted grad student. SO MUCH CUTE STUFF.
Mom, I NEED to look cute for my new
friends in FW. Please get me some bandanas.
I guess I could also stalk camp online, but second term started yesterday and I don't know any of those girls, so it's not as much fun as stalking first term.

I'd take Nappy outside to play soccer or frisbee, but it's July in Texas, y'all, and it's just too damn hot. Sunday afternoon there was HOT wind. It was worse than no wind. It was awful. Speaking of hotness and second term, I don't know how those girls do it. Major ups for them because they go to camp during what is arguably the hottest month of the year with no A/C, so let's applaud them.

And now in an effort to not take a nap, I've created the single most random post on this blog. You're welcome.

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Final Countdown

My lease starts in TWO WEEKS, everyone. After this weekend, I think I have everything I'll *really* need when I get there. The only major thing I think I have left is my little corner desk, but I have to get that at IKEA and I have to make sure I actually have room for it.

I've had a pretty lame first week of July, which is totally fine (except I did see three movies in three days last week). I've been spending my mom's money getting stuff for my apartment (her graduation gift to me - from three years ago - was to furnish my first apartment). Last week I got some kitchen utensils from Target + I used my RED Card and got 5% off so I save about $15. It was pretty exciting. Then over the weekend we bought my TVs and a new printer at Best Buy. Yesterday and today I went through stuff from college and threw out three BIG (and full) trash bags full of stuff I don't need (like Intro to Shakespeare notes - bet my step-sister wishes I had known I still had those during her AP English classes...).

RATCHET. but how this month already feels
This weekend is Lindsay's birthday party. Next weekend is Stacey's wedding in North Carolina. Then the moving begins!!! You'll have to excuse me if I'm a little MIA this month.