Monday, July 8, 2013

The Final Countdown

My lease starts in TWO WEEKS, everyone. After this weekend, I think I have everything I'll *really* need when I get there. The only major thing I think I have left is my little corner desk, but I have to get that at IKEA and I have to make sure I actually have room for it.

I've had a pretty lame first week of July, which is totally fine (except I did see three movies in three days last week). I've been spending my mom's money getting stuff for my apartment (her graduation gift to me - from three years ago - was to furnish my first apartment). Last week I got some kitchen utensils from Target + I used my RED Card and got 5% off so I save about $15. It was pretty exciting. Then over the weekend we bought my TVs and a new printer at Best Buy. Yesterday and today I went through stuff from college and threw out three BIG (and full) trash bags full of stuff I don't need (like Intro to Shakespeare notes - bet my step-sister wishes I had known I still had those during her AP English classes...).

RATCHET. but how this month already feels
This weekend is Lindsay's birthday party. Next weekend is Stacey's wedding in North Carolina. Then the moving begins!!! You'll have to excuse me if I'm a little MIA this month.

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