Monday, October 29, 2012

Life Update

My life is still boring, but exciting things have happened. Not working on grad school apps, which SERIOUSLY needs to happen because the first one is due Dec 1. AHHHH!

Last weekend (and in not the one that just ended, but the one before), I was in Fort Worth for TCU Homecoming. The weather was gorgeous and I had a blast! My stomach hated any and all beer I attempted to drink, so tailgating for the game was a bit impeded, but fun nonetheless! I had a hotdog and enjoyed the new stadium and watched one of the BEST games of my life (even though we lost... wah wah). Seriously, TRIPLE overtime. It was CRAZY.
Welcome to the prettiest stadium in all of college football.

Wednesday, I had lab work done and found out I'm more anemic now than I was six weeks ago even though I've been taking iron three times a week. Who does that? Apparently I do. Then I went a voted! It was so exciting voting for President in person! (I voted absentee four years ago... I think I had a test on election day.)
Don't pay for parking, you're voting! Yay!

Thursday night I got to stalk one of my campers who was in town for a tennis tournament. It was so nice to see her! She's a crazy one. Friday morning I made Tweety cookies for her, a Camp Mystic camper/counselor favorite. I'd LOVE to share the recipe, but it's a secret! But, it sure is delish.
Best. Cookies. Ever.

Friday night we got Halloween-y! I went over to Kendall and Michael's and we carved pumpkins! This was my third solo pumpkin and I have to say it's probably my favorite.
Kitty and a pumpkin... on a pumpkin!

Then Saturday, I watched a very upsetting football game and made some AWESOME Halloween cupcakes! I found a picture on Pinterest and made them and they were SO cute and definitely the hit of the party!
"Vampire Bites"
Then I went to Kendall and Michael's for the big Halloween party! This year I was way late in finding a Halloween costume so I googled "last minute Halloween costumes" and decided to be Rosie the Riveter! So super easy and so super cute!
I'm so cute.

Have you carved pumpkins yet? What did you carve? What are you dressing up as/what did you dress up as this year? Happy Hallo-week!

Friday, October 26, 2012

High-Five for Friday

I'm linking up for the first time for High-Five for Friday! Woohoo!


1. I voted Wednesday! Yay America!

2. Nappy is feeling back to his old self
after his surgery Monday!

3. Tweety cookies, a secret/special
recipe that all Camp Mystic girls
LOVE. Best cookies ever.

4. I'm carving this beautiful pumpkin
tonight with my lovely friends!

5. I love when campers come to Tyler
for sports related adventures!

What are you high-fiving Friday for?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday's Letters

I'm linking up again for Friday's Letters!

Dear Followers, I know it seems like all I do is link up these days, but that's because my life is crazy boring right now. All I do is play with Nappy and go to work on Thursdays and work on grad school stuff (which doesn't happen as often as it should...). I promise my life will be exciting one day... LIKE THIS WEEKEND!

Dear Fort Worth, I hope you're ready for me because I'm beyond ready for you. It's TCU Homecoming and I can't wait t see all of my friends and catch up and have fun!

Dear Halloween costume, I really need to figure out what you are...

Dear motivation, next week it's on. We're going to write that letter of intent/purpose/whatever for grad school. Or at least one version of it (every school wants it a different way, of course).

Dear Fort Worth weather, please be a tad warmed than it's been in Tyler this week. But not too much warmer because I don't want to get too hot tomorrow at the game. Thanks.

Dear Nappy, I'm sorry, but on Monday you will no longer be a man/boy dog. Your obsession with the black lab down the street is a bit too strong and you're a bit of a horn dog. It'll be ok in the long run though. I promise. And I apologize in advance if you have to wear the cone of shame again...

Dear everyone, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Hello, Monday

I'm linking up for the first time with Lisa for Hello, Monday!

Hello, Nappy's cone of shame.
Nappy not too excited about life...

Hello, sweet new pup that my dad and step-mom adopted. His name is Jack and he's ADORBS.
Jack taking a nap - SO CUTE.

Hello, TCU Homecoming week!
Hello, standing room only ticket that I woke up early to buy today. Go frogs.
That's Matthew Tucker on my ticket.
He's from East Texas!

Hello, Perks of Being a Wallflower! I can't wait to finally see you this afternoon!

Hello, motivation, let's work on grad school apps this week, please.
My grad school notebook: Hello, organization!

What are you saying "Hello," to this week?!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pink Wednesday

It's Mean Girls day. And it being Wednesday is the (pink) icing on the cake.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Instagram 365 (+1): September 2012

It's October!!! Where has the time gone? I know fall started on the 22, but in Texas it actually feels like fall this week! It's finally blue jean weather and I can cover up my bug bite covered legs. That is honestly my favorite part of fall. Don't judge.

anyway, I'm here for a recap of my September!

My long lost friend, Anne, came to town to visit her grandmother. So we went to lunch and shopped!
Sept 2, 2012 - the lupus twins, everyone! @anneeliselove

We celebrated some birthdays and had a delicious dinner at Sho Gun. And I hugged Nappy a little closer.
Sept 6, 2012 - birthday(s) dinner at ShoGun! and feeling a little sentimental since a coworker lost her doggie yesterday

Sept 8, 2012 - #TCU killed Grambling; wish I had been there! #gofrogs

We celebrated Dr. M's working anniversary by going to a new place in town called Lago del Pino. So much fun!
Sept 12, 2012 - Dr. M's working anniversary at Lago!

I bought Nappy an inflatable collar because he made his paw bleed. He's not a fan.
Sept 15, 2012 - avoiding eye contact with me after I bought an inflatable collar for making his paw bleed #corgi #sad

I saw one of my campers when her high school played in town!
Sept 21, 2012 - look who we found tonight!!! @sarahann127 @mc_boudreaux #mysticlove

Went to the fair with Chad, Lindsay, and Kendall and ate some deliciously bad fair food!
Sept 24, 2012 - fair night with the frands

And I saw Florence + the Machine in Dallas! Such an amazing show!!!
Sept 30, 2012 - state fair and #florenceandthemachine concert in Dallas! Amazeballs.

How was your September? Did you feel like it just flew by?! Happy October!