Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Instagram 365 (+1): September 2012

It's October!!! Where has the time gone? I know fall started on the 22, but in Texas it actually feels like fall this week! It's finally blue jean weather and I can cover up my bug bite covered legs. That is honestly my favorite part of fall. Don't judge.

anyway, I'm here for a recap of my September!

My long lost friend, Anne, came to town to visit her grandmother. So we went to lunch and shopped!
Sept 2, 2012 - the lupus twins, everyone! @anneeliselove

We celebrated some birthdays and had a delicious dinner at Sho Gun. And I hugged Nappy a little closer.
Sept 6, 2012 - birthday(s) dinner at ShoGun! and feeling a little sentimental since a coworker lost her doggie yesterday

Sept 8, 2012 - #TCU killed Grambling; wish I had been there! #gofrogs

We celebrated Dr. M's working anniversary by going to a new place in town called Lago del Pino. So much fun!
Sept 12, 2012 - Dr. M's working anniversary at Lago!

I bought Nappy an inflatable collar because he made his paw bleed. He's not a fan.
Sept 15, 2012 - avoiding eye contact with me after I bought an inflatable collar for making his paw bleed #corgi #sad

I saw one of my campers when her high school played in town!
Sept 21, 2012 - look who we found tonight!!! @sarahann127 @mc_boudreaux #mysticlove

Went to the fair with Chad, Lindsay, and Kendall and ate some deliciously bad fair food!
Sept 24, 2012 - fair night with the frands

And I saw Florence + the Machine in Dallas! Such an amazing show!!!
Sept 30, 2012 - state fair and #florenceandthemachine concert in Dallas! Amazeballs.

How was your September? Did you feel like it just flew by?! Happy October!

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