Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy Dance Day!

Happy Dance Day, everyone! Last year, Nigel Lythgoe, one of the judges on So You Think You Can Dance started National Dance Day. This year it's even bigger than last! Nigel and a handful of SYTYCD favorites are traveling all over the country to celebrate at Six Flags! If I were in DFW or even San Antonio, I'd be heading to Six Flags/Fiesta Texas to celebrate with whomever is there (I know from her twitter Lacey Schwimmer is in Arlington).

To celebrate, I thought I'd post the dance I'd be doing if I were at a Six Flags park today. Get up and dance and have a wonderful Dance Day 2011!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Cute Commercial

This has to be one of the cutest commercials ever. Every time I see it I can't help but smile. SO CUTE!

Monday, July 25, 2011


He's grown so much in the last few days. Last Monday was his first vet visit and he weighed 4.3 lbs. He's definitely over 5 now. We go back to the vet next Monday for our 12 week check up, which means shots - uh oh! Don't tell him.

In unrelated news, I have now watched the entire first season of Game of Thrones (6 of 10 episodes today alone). It's awesome. If you have HBO and haven't watched it, get on HBO go and check it out. I'm anxious to see what else I can do with HBO go. Seriously cool stuff.

Also, YAY for the NFL lock out being over, finally! Now some of my Horned Frog free agents can get some jobs! Good luck to them.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Once upon a time, Nickelodeon and Disney had amazing shows on TV. This magical time is now called "the 90's." I've been saying for YEARS that Nickelodeon should make a Classic Nick channel and show ALL 90's programming all the time. I'd pay some ridiculous fee on satellite/cable to get it just so I could watch Clarissa, All That, Angry Beavers, Ahh! Real Monsters, etc again. Let's be real, 90's Nick was the greatest.

Well, someone working at nickelodeon finally realized their shows now are not as good. Someone at Nick must be around my age and made the push for Classic Nick programming. Someone at Nick is pulling this off and it starts next week and I'm stoked.

For those of you who missed Nickelodeon's greatness in the 90's, here's a run down of the shows, TeenNick's plans with them, and just all around awesomeness.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Puppy Love

It's been about a week since I first saw this sweet little face on PuppyFind.

And in that week, I have discovered a wisdom tooth, lost sleep, been extremely happy as well as extremely frustrated. This my friends (with the exception of the wisdom tooth), is because I now am the proud owner of that little face pictured above.

Say hello to sweet Napoleon, or Nappy for short, the puppy formerly known as Boston - not that he has any idea that he has a name.

Cuddling his first night with me

So far he hates his leash, hates his collar, really likes to run away from the living room to hide (thank God for baby gates), likes to eat toes and feet and other body appendages, loves my family, and has almost slept through the night twice. He's precious and frustrating, but I'm so glad I finally got him!

Begging to go inside from the heat instead of going potty like a good boy

Friday, July 15, 2011

2011 Emmy Nominations for SYTYCD

There are a ton of nominations for people like Mia and Stacey, but I'm going to try my hardest to only pick my absolute favorites from what they're nominated for to post here.

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance. It started 4 years ago when a girl I knew from high school made the top 20 - of course I had to watch it. I've been watching every summer (and that one fall) ever since. The dancers are always phenomenal (even the ones I can't stand). The choreographers create some really amazing pieces - even the not-so-memorable ones are good. But I'd like to highlight the super amazing, Emmy nominated choreography from last year's season.

Mia Michaels for "Every Little Thing," "When We Dance," This Bitter Earth - On the Nature of Daylight"
Every Little Thing danced by Lauren and the top 6 boys and All-Stars on tour

Stacey Tookey for "Sun Drenched World,""Mad World," "Heaven is a Place on Earth"
"Mad World" on tour danced by Billy Bell and All-Star Ade

I linked "Sun Drenched World" up there because it's just TOO good not to at least link.

Travis Wall for "Collide," "How It Ends," "Fix You" - aka HOW DO I CHOOSE? They're so good.
"Fix You" danced by Robert Roldan and All-Star Allison (sorry for the bad quality)

"How It Ends" originally danced by Kent Boyd and All-Star Neil
Shown on tour danced by Kent Boyd and Robert Roldan

Napoleon and Tabitha Dumo for "Scars," "Fallin'," "Outta Your Mind" - Another how do I choose?
"Sacrs" danced by Robert Roldan and All-Star Dominic (sorry for the bad quality again

"Outta Your Mind" danced by Alex Wong and All-Star Twitch
Shown on Tour

Mandy Moore for "Oh Yeah," "Boogie Shoes," "I Surrender"
"Boogie Shoes" on tour danced by Billy Bell and Lauren Froderman

I don't know how the Emmy nominators pick their nominees, but that's a lot of choreography to sift through, haha. Good luck to some of my favorite SYTYCD choreographers!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Like Moths to a Flame

Gorgeous contemporary by Dee Caspary on last night's So You Think You Can Dance danced by Melanie and Marko, who are the couple to beat, I think.

I'm looking for the Emmy noms that came out this morning and I really hope this is included in next years. It's just stunning.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Puppies and Wisdom

I have an exciting update on the puppy search.

I might have found my future puppy. I'm going to visit the breeder (and him) on Friday and I couldn't be more excited!

Look at that sweet face. I'm in love.

He's so sweet he gave me a tooth ache! haha, No, but really, I thought I had a tooth ache but after a visit to the dentist this morning, I have a wisdom tooth. My bottom wisdom teeth occasionally try to annoy me, but never anything major. Last Thursday one of my top wisdom teeth decided it was ready to make an appearance and after almost a week of random pain, I went to the dentist this morning. They X-rayed me and there it was, poking out saying, "I'm here!" If I choose to get it out, I have to get the bottom one on the same side out, or I can wait and just take some ibuprofen. Guess which way I'm going (for now).

But I did learn some interesting things about dog dental hygiene while I was there, thanks to my very friendly and knowledgeable dentist. So now I have something else to look for when we go to visit my puppy Friday.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Final Countdown

The final Harry Potter film starts Thursday night at midnight, as I'm sure everyone is aware. I'm pretty excited, as are most of my friends. I started re-reading the final book before Part 1 started in November with the goal to get halfway through the book. I didn't quite make it (got really close though) and now I'm finishing it up in hopes of being done before seeing the movie. Anyway, to catch you up, Warner Brothers made a pretty awesome and chills-giving summary of the first seven movies.

Tell me you didn't have chills the whole time.

Friday, July 8, 2011

You Know What's Annoying?

Excuse me while I go on a rant.

You know what's annoying? When you try to talk to a friend and they ignore you time and time again. This has been going on with several people for a while, but some of these people weren't super good friends, so I just kind of let them fall by the wayside (if they're not going to make the effort to engage in conversation with me why should I continuously make the effort?). And yea, that's sad and annoying, but it's even more annoying and frustrating the closer the friend you consider them. Sure, we're in different cities - that makes it hard - but life isn't about convenience. When has life EVER been about convenience? Not since... Oh right, ever.

It makes me sad when I haven't even HEARD from people I considered to be really close, even best, friends since BEFORE Christmas. It'd have been nice if they'd at least send a facebook message update on their life, but that clearly didn't happen.

I feel it necessary to mention this is not about a single person. It's about several people in my life. I'm really frustrated with it and I wish I knew what to do. I try to talk to people I thought were my close friends. I tell them what's going on in my life and then ask them about theirs. And no response.

I've let go before, it just sucks that it's happening with people closer than the people I've already let go. And I feel like my friend circle outside of Tyler is dwindling.

Anybody have any advice on how to solve this problem? I don't want to slowly cut off all my friends...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Little Terrifying

I know, I know, I go a little crazy over college football - especially TCU, but you have to admit that this TV spot (get it done, kids) is pretty bad ass.

Go frogs.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Reading

So if you're like me, summer is a great time to read (except that being unemployed, this whole year has been a great time to read). Last year I read the entire Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series at camp and this year I was excited to try to find another series like that to read at camp. I found it. And it's not quite as intense (graphically) as Dragon Tattoo. The Hunger Games.

These books are amazing. I'm a slow reader and it only took me a little under two weeks to read them (keep in mind I was at camp supervising 13 campers as well as supervising 9 archery classes with girls aged 8 -17 so I couldn't be reading constantly). I couldn't put them down. Really excellent books. And since it is Independence Day I thought I'd be uber grateful for the way our government is currently set up because as Suzanne Collins' series goes, if we continue on our path, it may not be like this in a couple hundred years (I'm guessing - they never say what year it is in the books).

I don't mean to get preachy and certainly not political (I hate politics). But really, these books are fantastic and I highly recommend them to anyone who needs a good summer read. Easy to read and very well written. They're technically young adult books, but I'm still trying to process parts of the books and I'm definitely considered an adult now.

Also, the first movie comes out in March. Jennifer Lawrence has been cast as Katniss and Liam Hemsworth cast as her best friend Gale. I'm pretty excited about this. Get to reading!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Home Again

I'm back from camp (which ended normally this year).

This means the hunt for a puppy is on and I'm so much closer to marking one more thing off my Bucket List.

More on camp to come. I've missed you, regular internet connection.