Friday, July 15, 2011

2011 Emmy Nominations for SYTYCD

There are a ton of nominations for people like Mia and Stacey, but I'm going to try my hardest to only pick my absolute favorites from what they're nominated for to post here.

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance. It started 4 years ago when a girl I knew from high school made the top 20 - of course I had to watch it. I've been watching every summer (and that one fall) ever since. The dancers are always phenomenal (even the ones I can't stand). The choreographers create some really amazing pieces - even the not-so-memorable ones are good. But I'd like to highlight the super amazing, Emmy nominated choreography from last year's season.

Mia Michaels for "Every Little Thing," "When We Dance," This Bitter Earth - On the Nature of Daylight"
Every Little Thing danced by Lauren and the top 6 boys and All-Stars on tour

Stacey Tookey for "Sun Drenched World,""Mad World," "Heaven is a Place on Earth"
"Mad World" on tour danced by Billy Bell and All-Star Ade

I linked "Sun Drenched World" up there because it's just TOO good not to at least link.

Travis Wall for "Collide," "How It Ends," "Fix You" - aka HOW DO I CHOOSE? They're so good.
"Fix You" danced by Robert Roldan and All-Star Allison (sorry for the bad quality)

"How It Ends" originally danced by Kent Boyd and All-Star Neil
Shown on tour danced by Kent Boyd and Robert Roldan

Napoleon and Tabitha Dumo for "Scars," "Fallin'," "Outta Your Mind" - Another how do I choose?
"Sacrs" danced by Robert Roldan and All-Star Dominic (sorry for the bad quality again

"Outta Your Mind" danced by Alex Wong and All-Star Twitch
Shown on Tour

Mandy Moore for "Oh Yeah," "Boogie Shoes," "I Surrender"
"Boogie Shoes" on tour danced by Billy Bell and Lauren Froderman

I don't know how the Emmy nominators pick their nominees, but that's a lot of choreography to sift through, haha. Good luck to some of my favorite SYTYCD choreographers!

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