Monday, September 20, 2010

SYTYCD Tour 2010

In 48 hours I will more than likely be getting ready to head out the doors of Nokia (now Verizon, but I refuse to call it that) Theater in Grand Prairie to line up and meet my favorite dancers from season 7, the touring all stars, and season 6's winner. In honor of going to see my third SYTYCD tour, I'm going to pick a few of my favorite dances from this season (and one from last) that I hope are on tour. Also, sorry in advance for the ones people recorded from their TVs - they suck but it was the only way I could embed them on here.

Russell and Kathryn Hip Hop (Season 6)

Billy and All-Star Ade Contemporary

Robert and All-Star Allison Contemporary

Lauren and Kent Contemporary

Ashley and All-Star Dom Hip Hop

Top 11 and All-Stars Jazz

Yay! I'm glad this is on tour!
Robert and All-Star Courtney Jazz

If you're new to my blog or don't pay attention to my obsessions, I'm in love with the show So You Think You Can Dance on Fox. This summer was the 7th season (6th summer season, they experimented with a fall season last year). I got turned on to SYTYCD because I knew a girl in the top 20 in 2007. I've known several people to try out since and currently one of my steps-sister's best friends is considering trying out for season 8 and if she makes it to Vegas the family has already said we're going, haha.

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