Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day Twenty-Seven, Eight, and Nine

I told you I'm not motivated to finish this at all, but luckily tomorrow will be the last day and then I won't have to feel guilty any more...

Day 27 - A photo of me from last year and how I've changed...

This is exactly a year (and a few days) old. Most obviously how I've changed: I'm 22, not 21; I graduated from college; I'm unemployed; I no longer live with these two fabulous ladies because I live at home with my mom due to the unemployed-ness. I also think my temper has changed. I get frustrated over some of the most random things and way more easily than ever.

Day 28 - My favorite movie.
This is a toughy because I love movies. I'm obsessed. At any given time, there are at least 3 movies I'd love to see in theaters. Then I have to buy the ones I like when they come out on DVD. I am obsessed. I guess currently a few of my favorites include, but are definitely not limited to:
Remember Me

A Christmas Story


Day 29 - Something I could never get tired of doing...
Good question... I'm exhausting the list of my favorite things in my head and I can imagine myself getting tired of most, if not all of them. I guess what I'd get LESS tired of would be being creative. I love the creative process and being hands on while creating whatever it is I was thinking of.

ONE MORE DAY!!! I'm so glad. This 20 day blog challenge didn't sound too awful at the beginning but it's just bad now.

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