Monday, August 1, 2011

Music Monday

Ok, so Favorite Friday fell apart when I went to camp. I'm sorry. BUT! I thought I'd try something new: Music Monday (I know a ton of people probably do this, like my friend Jessica who hasn't updated her livejournal in forever). Every Monday I'll try to post a song that I'm absolutely loving at the moment for you faithful readers.

To kick off Music Monday, I thought I'd do a handful of songs...

I started hearing this song on XM AltNation in late May and knew I liked it, but after Ryan Ramirez did a solo to it on SYTYCD (which I can't find), I knew I liked it. At this point in the summer almost all of my new music comes from SYTYCD. I hate in the dead of winter when I'm dying for new music but SYTYCD isn't on (however, I don't like when SYTYCD has a fall season - that experiment failed miserably).

Another SYTYCD inspiration. Several choreographers (I think mainly Sonya Tayeh, I could be wrong) have been using District 78's music and I have to say, I really like it. This song is amazing because my favorite this season, Melanie, was paired with Sasha for an intense girl jazz last week. Seriously, look it up - amaze-balls.

Another band I've discovered thanks to XM AltNation. This song hasn't necessarily been one of their's that I've heard, but I'm diggin' it. A lot. Especially after I saw Billy Bell do a solo at some dance convention on YouTube. Look it up. His musicality is awesome. He's improved SO much since his stint on SYTYCD last summer.

Got it from the Grey's Anatomy finale commercials in May and now ABCFamily is using it on their commercials for their new show the Lying Game. Super fun and sassy, right?

What songs are you loving right now? I love discovering new music!

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