Monday, August 8, 2011

Music Monday

Don't worry, I'm back! I'm thinking Music Mondays are already pretty cool, what about you? I'll try not to have them ALL be SYTYCD related (especially since the finale is this week so I won't be discovering too much more music from that after Wednesday). So here's this week's Music Monday!

Adele is a genius. I hope she wins every Grammy she gets nominated for for this album. 21 is phenomenal (I don't have it, but everything I've heard from it and about it is ridiculous raves).

This is from SYTYCD. Ricky and All-Star Jamie Goodwin did a beautiful contemporary last week to this song and I fell in love. Look up the dance, seriously.

My favorite dancer, Melanie, did her solo last Wednesday to this on SYTYCD. It was honestly the best solo I've seen on that show in a LONG time. Possibly the best solo. If not, it's definitely up there. Look it up.

If you know me, you know I'm not Nicki's biggest fan. However, this summer she's grown on me. Ok, I admit, it was her rap on "Till the World Ends, the Remix," that got me. But this song is a lot of fun and I like it. Not enough to buy it (yet - not enough money on iTunes).

Ok, this video is to die for hilarious. And it has my future husband, Darren Criss, in the beginning and sweet Kevin McHale, who is hilarious (I LOVE GLEE). Try not to at least smile while watching it. (And is it me or does Rebecca Black have huge boobs?)

Sorry for the music overload. What songs are you loving this week?

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