Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Conference Realignment Craziness

If you haven't picked up on it by now, I love college football - especially the Frogs. I'm excited that this is our last year at the kids table before joining the big leagues with the Big East. While I'm quite content to be joining the Big East, I can't deny that I am quite interested in what Dan Wentzel has to say in this article about A&M and the SEC. I don't think it will happen, but he does make some good points - specifically the reason the Big 12 doesn't want us (and the Big East did), the DFW TV market. Maybe when the Super Conferences do emerge, TCU will be considered, but for now I doubt this will happen.

But what's even more unlikely to happen is this. Launching tonight at midnight, I'm assuming by their awesome countdown, SMU has made a website for their campaign to join the Big 12. I'm sorry but this is just laughable. Hey ponies, if the Big 12 doesn't want TCU (a much more successful football and baseball school), they sure as hell don't want you. The Big 12 already has a hold on the DFW TV market as so much of the Big 12 schools' alumni base(s) reside there already. Also, if TCU's stadium is small, SMU's is tiny by comparison. So, ponies, if you want to be at one of the grown up tables, you should pursue another BCS conference. I'd be floored if the Big 12 shows any serious consideration of you joining.

And like every other TCU football post in the last two weeks: Kickoff is Friday nigh in Waco against Baylor at 7. The game will also be on ESPN.

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