Monday, August 22, 2011

Music Monday

Throwback! Since it's the first day of school across the state of Texas and most importantly at TCU, I thought I'd do a little rewind to what I was listening to as a freshman on my first day of college 5 years ago. Man, I'm old.

In anticipation of Grey's Anatomy starting its second(or third maybe) season, I was constantly jamming to the first CD released for Grey's. It was an instant bonding mechanism for me and my fresh roomie, McKinna (who I miss a TON! Come back to Texas please).

This song came out around the time Panda and I drove to Target and Julio's together once a week so we could avoid studying. Mmmmm, Julio's. Must go visit the Fort for the most delicious sopapillas EVER.

Fun Fact: According to iTunes, I bought this on this EXACT date 5 years ago. It's a classic and I wish he'd make a new album STAT.

And just because I'm about 90% sure this was my ringtone at this particular point in time on my pink Razor cell phone...

I hope you danced a little to this fabulous blast from the past songs. And now, a glimpse into my freshman dorm room...
Studying hard... or hardly studying?

Crabby! Our door stop

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