Monday, August 15, 2011

Music Monday

Welcome to my third Music Monday! With it being the last Monday of summer here in Texas (not that it applies to me at all, being unemployed and whatnot haha), I thought I'd do my favorite songs of Summer 2011, more specifically a rewind to the most listened to songs at camp this year.

I played this just about every morning for my campers. Some were annoyed by it and some loved it. I think it has that perfect summer feel and it's great for the morning because it's not too intense.

Glee was a major favorite in the cabin - I mean, when is Glee NOT a favorite, though? And Darren Criss, aka my future husband? His voice makes me melt a little.

This was another morning favorite to wake up to for my campers. I got it from the African Cats movie trailers earlier in the Spring. I'm a huge sucker for good movie trailer/commercial in general music. Thank, God, for Shazam!

A camp-wide and summer favorite for me. I'm just now SLOWLY getting tired of this song. I couldn't get enough of it at camp and I especially loved that the high-intermediate Kiowas did their dance to this song.

What were your favorite songs of Summer 2011?

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