Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans!

I'm linking up for Weekend Shenanigans for my first time! I'm so excited! I love reading other people's Weekend Shenanigans and I finally feel like I had a cool enough weekend to link up, too hahaha.

Friday was Nappy's birthday! He turned two! I made him some pupcakes earlier in the week, so we celebrated with another one of those.
Pupcake time!
Saturday, I picked up Lindsay and Chad and Kendall and we drove out to Grand Prairie to check out the new outlet mall that opened about a year (probably less than) ago! It was SOOOO nice and so much fun! I got a really cute dress at the Banana Republic outlet store and I can't wait to wear it this weekend to a dinner party for one of my roomies from college. We shopped for about 4 hours and still didn't hit every store there (but hit most of the ones we all wanted). It was great. I can't wait to go back and shop again with my mom (hopefully sometime this summer/fall once I'm moved back to the Fort).
Just look how cute the dress is and ignore my face

After shopping, we drove over to Arlington for the Rangers game. This was only my second pro baseball game and I'm absolutely hooked. Especially because when the Rangers score 7, Papa John's has a promo code for half-price pizza for the next day! Kendall's roommate, Michael, got us AWESOME seats. We were in an "all you can eat" section and in the second row. We could have gotten hit by fly balls at any moment. Batting practice was a bit unnerving once we sat down with our food before the game actually started. The Rangers beat the Detroit Tigers 7-2 (hello half price pizza!).
Me, Lindsay, and Kendall with a giant ball

Me, Kendall, and Sarah in our Ian Kinsler shirts

Marine band playing the National Anthem while Boy Scouts hold the flags
We left during the 8th inning and headed back to Tyler. We had a BLAST all day and were slightly delirious once we got back in the car. I finally got home after dropping everyone back off around 12:30. I was exhausted but had to talk to my mom.

She had called me earlier to tell me she took Nappy to the vet. He was extra pitiful after I left and hadn't totally been acting himself since Thursday. Turns out he has a staph infection (second one this year). Poor baby must have gotten scratched at the groomer on Wednesday. I felt awful for being gone while he felt so bad, but I'm so glad my mom was here to take care of him! And really glad he's back on the mend. I hate when my fur baby gets sick.
Nappy likes to hog the couch when he feels bad
I don't know why my pictures are all so pixelated and gross... That kind of stinks.

What did you do this weekend?

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