Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Long Weekend Shenanigans!

It was a long weekend and it was fantabulous (as all long weekend should be).

Sami's Shenanigans

I convinced my mom to take a half day Friday. We went over to the furniture store and finished picking out my furniture AND ORDERED IT. This whole moving in July thing is getting more and more REAL. I'm SO excited. I can't wait to have the cutest apartment ever. OH! And I'm getting a sweet Tempurpedic bed and I could not be any more excited. It's ok to be jealous about how awesome I'll be sleeping come late July. I'm going to have to start taking naps on my couch so I don't sleep though my classes, I think... Bahaha.
The furniture I picked for my living room
Saturday, my mom and I did a little random shopping around town before my roomie's engagement/dinner party! One of my awesome college roomies has a ton of family around these parts and they threw her a dinner party so they could meet her fiance. Naturally, the three green house roomies were reunited and it was a good time. Also, Stacey's fiance, Adam, is awesome.
me, Amanda, and Stacey
When I got home, I had two invites waiting the mail to Stacey's bridal and bachelorette parties in June. Should be definite good times. #PUMPED

On Sunday, I went to my seester's company Revue. She danced SO beautifully. Her solos were awesome. I'm so proud of the dancer she's become. She's so cool and graceful and I want to be her when I grow up. Even though she's younger. Whatever, you get it.
Seester in her company revue Circus themed opener

After realizing I'd been at said Revue for two hours already and there were still about 10 numbers left and I'd seen seester's solos and my favorite dances, I ran backstage and gave her flowers and told her how awesome she is before heading home to get ready for a Memorial Day party! After a quick change and some luvins for Nappy, I went out to my friend Bonnie's for some yummy food and fun friends in the sun (what little there was left)!

On Monday, my mom and I went shopping (again) for some much needed accoutrements (whoa, I spelled it right on the first try) before seeing the Hangover III. I've decided that the people that wrote the Hangover movies are seriously sick, but even more than that, seriously hilarious. The Hangover III is a must see and stay after the credits start because there's another mini-ending that makes the movie THAT much funnier.

What did you do this long holiday weekend?

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