Friday, May 10, 2013

Everyday in May: Day 10

Today's prompt is an embarrassing moment. But I'm REALLY easily embarrassed, so anything embarrassing is the most embarrassing moment.

Instead of publishing my most mortifying moment on the internet for anyone to see, I'm going to leave you with a silly one that isn't so bad in all actuality.

A little over a year ago, my mom and I went to get pedicures. I hit the jackpot and got everyone's favorite, Danny. He gives the BEST leg massages. Ever. Anyway, after the best pedicure ever, My mom and I went to sit in the drying area with our feet under that light that probably doesn't actually do anything for your pedicure, but it does keep them away from things to run into. Well, when I was turning to get up, I ran my toe into my mom's purse and messed up my pedicure right there. Danny had to come over and fix my toe while poking fun at me.

Stupid, but I'm super easily embarrassed and my nail salon is ALWAYS super busy so there were a ton of people laughing at me too. But I laughed it off and am always crazy careful getting up from that little table now - hahaha.

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