Monday, May 13, 2013

New Experience

So I totally failed on that Everyday in May link up... I did great for the first week and then I fell off the wagon. Oops.

Oh well, I decided to tell you about a new experience. I woke up before the sun and went outside in the freezing cold (ok, it was in the 50's, but in May in Texas that's cold!) and worked out.
I went to Boot Camp.

My friend Lindsay has been doing it since February and has absolutely fallen in love with it. She's seen results, too! She wanted me to try it after she started, but that stay in the hospital delayed things a bit - but I promised her I'd try it once before I moved to Fort Worth! And today I did it.
Lindsay and me at Christmas
I woke up at 4:30 AM when it was still dark outside and worked out for an hour. It completely sucked while I was there, but I have felt great (although tired) all day (and surprisingly not very sore at all)! Today was arms and I have no upper body strength so it was really hard. I definitely didn't do everything as hardcore as everyone else but I tried it and accomplished it and it's nice to try something and like it and feel like it went well! So I'm definitely patting myself on the back.

The instructor was fabulous. I really liked her - she didn't push to excess, she kept it positive, and showed me (nicely) how to do everything. (I was worried that the instructor for something called "boot camp" would be SUPER intense and somewhat negative which is not the way I'd like to work out at all.)

I think I'll try it again and maybe in Fort Worth I'll find a group that does it not so early in the morning because I don't know how Lindsay gets up at 4:30 every morning for that. She's a beast for sure.

Have you tried Boot Camp?

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