Thursday, March 15, 2012

True Life: I'm NOT in Shape

Before you think this is one of those posts about working out and getting in shape, hear me out. IT'S NOT. I think it's a hilarious story about how a video game completely wears me out and makes me sore. A video game.

WHY does Wii Sports Resort make me sore and tired? Because I get a little too into it. Last night my wonderful step-sister and I played for about 2.5 hours. It started with Archery as Hunger Games characters we made little Miis out of, naturally. I'm a pro at all fake sports. I rock Archery on the Wii. Give me a real bow and arrow and put me ten yds away from a target? I can't even hit the target. Ok that's a lie, I probably could... Definitely not the good part of the target though.

Then we played some Frisbee, Wakeboarding, and then what killed my arm and back: Bowling and Swordplay. Bowling is another example of something I rock at on Wii and suck at in real life (I've gone bowling twice in the past 6 months and I had the lowest score both times. It was awesome). So clearly, I'm a great faux athlete. Just not a real athlete (why I danced in school and didn't play sports).

My step-sister "wakeboarding"

Would you be signing up for the Wii Olympics like me? Or are you a good in real life athlete?

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