Monday, March 26, 2012

Hunger Games Link Up!

My new blogging friend, Alyx at Everyday is a New Adventure, made a Hunger Games link up for all of us to GEEK OUT together about our HG experiences!

Mar 23, 2012 - hunger games
Kendall, me, Macie, and Lindsay after the movie - we're so pumped!

Kendall ordered her shirt about a month ago and ordered me to either make one ("because your crafty") or find one and order it ASAP. Naturally, I waited until the last moment to look online and couldn't find one I liked so I made my shirt. It turned out pretty awesomely, but being the perfectionist I am, there are a few things I don't totally love haha. Macie got her shirt the day of and Lindsay is wearing a Chuy's shirt with a HG parody.

My shirt after I finished it Thursday night

Now onto my review. Ummmm, is there a better book adaptation on screen? I think NOT. Gary Ross and whoever else did a phenomenal job of bringing the book to life. Since I just finished re-reading the book lst week, there were several things left out that I got nitpicky over, but overall they did an awesome job of bringing the book to life. Jennifer Lawrence is Katniss. And after watching JL on her press tour last week, I want to be her best friend. She's hilarious. And Elizabeth Banks IS Effie, moreso than any other actor in the movie is their character. She was perfection. I could go on about all the actors and their characters but I have ot make myself stop. I also LOVED how they deviated from the book's sole Katniss POV to show us what the gamemakers were doing throughout the time in the arena and how District 11 reacted to little Rue's big moment. I was terrified of the scene between President Snow and Seneca in the rose garden. Snow is so effin' scary (mainly if you've read all the books).

I'm still mourning the loss of Madge in the movie. I think she was REALLY important. She was like an insider who opposed the whole thing. Her dad was the mayor. He was an ultimate piece in the games by having to subject his district (and his own child) to this crap. And Madge's family had history with the games. I just don't understand why they cut her out. This is the one thing I'm allowing myself to nitpick about in the movie.

I will say that I was slightly disappointed that there wasn't anything at the end of the credits (please correct me if I'm wrong). I mean, even if it was just Prim and Katniss hugging or something. I just like stuff after the credits. I'm a sucker for it ever since the Pirates franchise. What did you think? Have you seen it more than once? (I've already got tentative plans to see it two more times.)


Alyx said...

Oh, I so LOVE your shirt! AWESOME!! And I totally wish it could have been longer in order to get all of the little details in, but for what it was, I was pretty impressed! I loved Effie so much, and I totally forgot to mention that in my review, but like I said - I could talk about the movie for days!
I want to see it again SO BAD!!
Thanks for linking up, Frances!

kimberly rae said...

love the shirt!! also, agree with everything you said!! i also think madge is important...not necessarily in the first book but for the the rebellion and stuff, def necessary!!

Tracy said...

When I bought my ticket, I thought the guy hinted that there was something after the credits. I stayed through all the credits, then counted 2 minutes after the dark screen. Nothin. :(

HayleyKiah @Classy In KC said...

I think I'm just going to buy the books on my kindle today. I've heard to many good things about this series. But I love the amount of thought you put into your decision on who you liked better. It cracked me up! I will for sure let you know what I think about the books.
PS. Sweet shirt!!

Sarah said...

I loved the Hunger Games, both books and film. Looks like you had a great time!

kimberly @ lush lounge said...

The Hunger Games!! I want to see this, I've never read the book but all the hype plus the previews make me want to see the movie!