Friday, March 23, 2012


I know like half of the world has already seen it, but I'm 8 hours (sooo long) away from finally seeing the Hunger Games! I finished up my shirt last night after I got to see one of my campers (always exciting when they're randomly here). It looks great! I can't wait to show it off on Monday when I link up with Alyx at Everyday is a New Adventure.

Have any of you out in blogging land seen it yet? I've heard RAVE reviews about it! My step-sister loved it. One of my dearest camp friends said it was amazing (and she hasn't seen the HP films so they don't ruin the books, so I consider this HIGH praise for HG movie).

I just downloaded the sounds from District 12 on iTunes and I honestly didn't think I'd like it as much as I do. "Safe and Sound" continues to grow on me. I'm really glad that T-Swift experimented with a different sound and it works for her. Don't overdo it, but she should try it out more often. My favorite song is still Kid Cudi's "The Ruler and the Killer," probably because it's so different and definitely creepy. I'm anxious to find out if they use any of these songs in the movie (other than the credits because I expect "Safe and Sound" to be the first credits song).

SPEAKING OF THE CREDITS. I'm a sucker for movies with scenes after the credits, anyone know if there's anything there?

Ok, enough of my rambling. I hope you all have a happy Hunger Games and a great weekend!


Kodie said...

I was also wondering if there would be anything after the credits :) We're not going till Monday (hopefully!) and I'm definitely making my friends stay till the end of the credits, just in case!

Alyx said...

BAHHH!!! I can't wait to read your review!!!! :)