Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Plans for a New Year

I cannot wait to turn over a new leaf and for 2012 to start. 2011 has been long, emotional, and a little too uneventful (my life anyway).

In 2012, Nappy and I will take more dog classes (I think that's why he's gotten to bad lately, like today when we went out and he found some other animal's feces to roll in - GROSS). I WILL get a job, damnit. I will I will I will. If I don't I will be taking up residence in a white padded cell. I will move out. I will have a REALLY cute apartment. I will host fun dinner parties/game night with my friends. Nappy will mature and be more cuddly and less roll-in-poop-y. I will meet someone. I know I said that for this year and I was introduced to someone (alert: stage 5 clinger - not ok) but that didn't work out. I will visit Fort Worth more (if I don't end up moving there) to spend time with TCU people and Muck.

I know we still have 25 days left of 2011, and I plan to make them count, but I'm just so ready for 2012. I even get an extra day next year to make ALL of this happen (thank you, leap year)! And these aren't even my new years resolutions. Do you have anything you want to happen next year?

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The Vox said...

Agreed! I need a do-over in 2012. Moving, getting a job, and starting anew sounds great. Good luck to us both!