Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Hoobeewhaty?

I love looking at Christmas lights. Love love love. A few years ago my friends and I started Tacky and Tasteful, where we drive around a look at lights and deem them tacky or tasteful for our own enjoyment. Just for the record, blow ups in yards are always tacky. Unless it's Snoopy. And then, Snoopy is only not tacky if he's by himself. Multiple blow ups is the cardinal sin of yard decorations. We're totally kidding... except the blow ups. And the moving reindeer. Those things are scary.

ANYWAY. There's a family here in town (except they moved this year so they're not technically in town anymore) that does a fantastic light show every year (except last year, which was sad). But here's a glimpse of their old house and their amazeballs (yea, I brought it back) light show.

I know, right? The fact that they're not in town anymore (and Nappy being sick this week) has put a damper on jumping the car to go sit over there to watch multiple times. But this weekend, my friends and I are finally hitting the streets and the light parks to look at lights! I'm SO excited!

This might be the best thing we've found. Ever.

What are some of your favorite parts of Christmas time?

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