Thursday, December 15, 2011


So, it's no secret, where I live is not that exciting of a place. I typically eat out at the same 7 restaurants within a week and a half span (sometimes less, I'm a creature of habit, deal with it). Don't get me wrong, Tyler is vastly improved since I graduated from high school, but after living in the "big city" of Fort Worth, Tyler can still continue to improve, and it is, however slowly.

Next spring something exciting is happening. Blue Man Group is coming. Not to Dallas. To Tyler. They'll be performing less than a mile from my mom's house. My best friend, Kendall, has seen the THREE times. Twice in their home theater in Chicago and once in Dallas. She's obsessed. I've never seen them, but I got really excited over the summer when I saw they were coming. They were originally only scheduled to perform ONE night. I freaked out last week when I realized a whole week had passed since the ticket purchase date. But then, I saw a glorious billboard that told me they had added TWO nights. Today I bought our tickets for it.

I'm pretty frickin' excited.

Now I'm doing research (on YouTube) to watch their awesomeness. I'll have to update you on it after we go.

Have you ever seen Blue Man Group perform?

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