Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tutorial: Teething Rag

My first ever tutorial!

For the past few weeks and the next couple, Nappy has been/will be teething. He's been such a trooper and hardly chewing on anything he shouldn't! I thought I'd do a tutorial on how we've been helping him with this process. I'd heard of parents doing this for their babies as well, but I added a little something extra for puppies!

Take an old wash rag that you're going to throw out/replace. (This is what they'll look like after the process which is why you should pick an old one).

Wet the rag. Then twist the rag as close to the infinity symbol as possible.

Put in Ziploc baggie in the freezer for at least 3 hours. Then take out and hit against sides of sink to get off extra frost. (Save the baggie because you can reuse it when you re-wet and -twist the rag).

Give to puppy to gnaw on. In a few hours it'll be soft enough for him/her to play with and untwist! Nappy loves this part!

When (s)he's untwisted it, rewet it and twist it back up and throw it back in the freezer. When Nappy first started teething we had two rags. Now that his teething isn't so bad, we alternate washing one while he plays with the other.

If you've got a teething puppy, I highly recommend this. It's been a really fun toy to watch Nappy play with and it hasn't cost a cent! If you have a puppy or know someone who has a puppy who is teething or almost teething, I hope this helps.

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