Thursday, October 6, 2011

Big Kids' Table, Part Deux

Well, last year, TCU joined the Big East for the AQ BCS bid. Said they'd join in 2012 anyway. But then the Longhorn Network was created, A&M said "peace out" to the Big XII, Mizzou said "we're thinking about leaving maybe," and theBig XII (-2-1) was suddenly a little unstable. I mean really, who knew that Big XII and TCU would be in the same sentence without the word hates in between them. I think my favorite part is how cocky all the SMU fans got last weekend after their win thinking this hurt any chance the rumors of TCU to the Big XII being true. Clearly, it didn't.

So, thanks to the Ags and I guess the LHN, "peace out Big East," and to quote a TCU sports blog I follow called Spitblood, "Enjoy your piece of metal, Ponies, while we eat caviar and sip Dom with the big boys."

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