Wednesday, October 19, 2011

From the Crate of Napoleon Bone-Apart

Last night was my last puppy class! Mommy was worried I'd be too distracted by the obedience class to pass my test, but I showed her and passed with flying colors! Mommy says I'm an AKC STAR puppy! I get a fancy medal and Mommy sent away for it this morning. I'm sad that it was my last puppy class. I'll miss my puppy class friends and seeing Jo in between classes. Maybe I'll take another class up there sometime.

This weekend Mommy is boarding me so she can go to something called a Homecoming. I thought this was our home? Mommy told me it's for her school. But anyway, she told me I'll be in good hands at the vet and I'll make some new friends.

Not too much has happened lately. Just being my cool puppy self. Mommy keeps talking about Halloween a costumes and what I'm going to dress up as. I'm very confused because I'm just a puppy, right? I don't know, it's all very confusing.

OH! The other night there was this thing called a storm. It rained for maybe the fourth time in my life. And the power went out. And then I had to go potty because I was scared, so Mommy took me outside in the rain. It was very scary, but I'm still here so I guess it's ok.

Anyway, that's all I have for now, I guess. I'll be sure to keep you posted on this Halloween thing.

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