Monday, April 4, 2011

Just What the Doctor Ordered?

A few days ago my friend Amanda over at My Own Beautiful Mess wrote about renewing her job search and not limiting herself this time around. While I don't quite want to leave my comfort zone like she has, her post and a weekend visit to good ol' Fort Worth made me realize that I've gotten a little too comfortable.

I don't mean comfortable in unemployment (which yes, I may be and I definitely don't like), but I've gotten too comfortable with the idea of staying in Tyler (which isn't totally a bad thing, but hear me out). When I first started my job search last summer, I looked for jobs only in Fort Worth. Slowly, I found myself looking about 50-50 in the Fort and Tyler. There were as many jobs here as there were there. I got comfortable with my friends in Tyler and started to think, 'Maybe it won't be so bad staying in Tyler. Maybe after a year or so I'll be able to get a job in Fort Worth. I just need experience.' And the experience thing is true, however I don't think I'll get it in Tyler. I need to broaden my search back to Fort Worth and maybe even Austin. Dallas is a definite "NO," although I know there's a lot there. I get too stressed driving in Dallas. Getting on 30 East is the easiest thing to do for me and it's such a relief when I do.

After this weekend in Fort Worth visiting with friends I hadn't seen in anywhere from 3 weeks to several months, I realized I need to broaden my search BIG TIME. I need to be uncomfortable again so I'll get into the job search. And I need to decide 100% if I'm going to camp again in June so I can either stop the search for the next few months or dive back in 5000% to the job search...

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