Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ginger Love.

"Being a ginger has plagued me my entire life. People say I smell like copper, I can get a sunburn indoors at night, and according to recent legend, I have no soul." - Emma Pillsbury, Glee, "Born This Way"

I cracked up at this quote. I don't understand society's sudden aversion to red heads, or gingers as 99% of people call them, because I have always loved them. Maybe it's because my maternal grandparents were both red heads and although I am definitely a brunette, I definitely inherited some red highlights and fair skin from them (Has anyone seen how long it takes me to get a good tan going?). My mom even wanted a red head when she was preggers with me.

Because I love gingers and feel that they are severely under appreciated, I thought I'd blog some Ginger Love. Let's start first with the world's most eligible bachelor, whom I blogged about last night: Prince Harry.
I mean, if you're on the cover of GQ magazine, you're clearly hot. Let's face it. If you're not a ginger lover, then just stare at him in black and white - good looking, right?

Now onto another beloved Ginger Brit: Rupert Grint, aka Ron Weasley. I think I've had a minor crush on Mr Grint since movie 2, when this sad picture was his promo shot.
Can we talk about what a precious child he was? I mean look at that face. And now, Mr. Grint looks a little something like this.

Maybe I love her for her style and excessive OCD, but we can't forget Miss Pillsbury for Glee herself.

And then of course, as any TCU football fan knows: No. 14 Andy Dalton.

I love gingers, readers, and I don't care who knows.

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