Wednesday, August 21, 2013


You know what's ridiculous? Three issues with your car within three weeks. Especially when two of those things are within FOUR DAYS of each other!

Since moving to DFW, I've had two rock chips in my windshield (yay driving on the highway) and a nail in my tire! Luckily, I have AWESOME car insurance that paid for both windshield repairs despite getting a chip and a star within four days of each other so all I had to pay for was one new tire (which wasn't cheap, but add two windshield repairs and it's really not cheap).

I've never had so many issues with car stuff in my life! And I'm glad that in the grand scheme of cars, these are definitely easy to fix and relatively non-expensive.

It's all so ridiculous that it's ridiCARlous! Oh, I'm so punny.

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