Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mustaches 4 Jessi

Hashtag it. #Mustaches4Jessi. Tweet it. @Mustaches4Jessi. Instagram it. (There's not an IG account, but hashtag it again). Facebook it. Mustaches for Jessi.

Remember that terrible, awful Batman incident this summer? Remember one of the faces of it, Jessica Redfield/Ghawi? Well, she was my friend's friend.

Jessica's 25th birthday is today! Very bittersweet for said friend, Emily, but she's chosen to celebrate Jessica's awesome life by starting Mustaches 4 Jessi. Tweet her a picture of you wearing a mustache, fake or real, and she's compiling all of them to a Shutterfly account and Facebook album.

Jessi was way too young and left so many people behind. Through this she's touching so many more lives than she probably ever thought possible. And it's all thanks to her love of mustaches and silly pictures.

So draw on a mustache, or don't shave your Movember one just yet. Either way, tweet, instagram, facebook, blog, whatever your picture of you and your sweet, sweet stache. And happy birthday, Jessi!

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