Monday, November 26, 2012

I Have a Confession...

Some of you may already by be aware, but I think I'm relapsing. I have severe Obsessive Corgi Disorder. This weekend, I decided to read about and look at all of Pudge's tumblr. All of it. I finished today. I'm obsessed with him. He's just so flufftacular.

Of course, no corgi can compare to my sweet Napoleon. He now answers to the name Mr. PooPoos. It's pretty great.

Anyway, point being: I'm re-obsessed with corgis thanks to Pudge derPoopster. Feel free to look at his awesome tumblr and fall in love/obsession with me.


not hallie said...

It's hard not to be obsessed with the breed when our babies are so perfect and sweet :)

Ashley said...

I'm obsessed too. Absolutely no problem with it :) mine just keeps getting better and better each day and he makes me happier every day to be his momma!