Thursday, November 15, 2012

Twilight Nostalgia

Tonight I will, like many others, go to a premier viewing of Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part II. (I found a 10 pm showing. I was pretty excited because I'm old and not so much a fan of midnight showings any more.) Anyway, it's made me incredibly nostalgic and reminiscent about the first midnight Twilight showing.

Madee, Allison, me, and Brigitte
Yes, Allison, me, and Brig made shirts. So legit.
We had a group of nine that night (and I remember I didn't have class Friday so I was ready to party!) but tonight if we were seeing it all together we'd only be eight. Madee, I know you've the best seat in the house, but you are so missed. That night was a blast, as was just about any time we hung out.

Sorry to get all sappy and whatnot. It's just been kind of heavy on my heart this week. I hope any and all of you seeing Breaking Dawn this weekend love it!

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Helene said...

I want to see it!! I hear its great!!