Friday, May 25, 2012

The Time Has Come, the Walrus Said

Yes, I just quoted the Jabberwocky poem from Alice in Wonderland. It has extra meaning for any and all Mystic girls that might be reading or come across this at some point. At camp, there is this one absolutely insane day called CC Day. All the rules go out the window, the campers can have Coke and candy and the oldest girls "switch places" with the counselors. It's a day filled with sugar highs, insanity, sun burns, and tons of memories. It's a blast and a half. And the way everyone knows it's happening is when the girls in the office get on the PA system and sing "The time has come the walrus said!" and then one of the director's (fully-grown) sons runs around camp in a walrus head. It's amazing.

Said son in said Walrus head doing the Bernie

Well, the time has come for everyone to head to camp. Waterfront training started yesterday and horseback riding starts today. I've never gone for either of these things, but normally I'm not too upset since I'd be going Tuesday morning. But this year, I have a puppy and a part-timey/freelance-y job and I'm not going to camp. It's the second time ever since I started going there in 1998 that I won't be going, only this year is different: my sister is going. Three years ago, we both skipped to go on a disastrous family cruise (we won't get into that because it only makes me sad and my blood pressure rise). Sarah and I totally bonded over it though and how much we missed camp. We went to round up at the end of the term and saw everyone and told them how much we missed camp. It was sad not to be there, but neither was she.

This year will be her first year to go without me (she started in 2005, my last year as a camper so this is like she's come full circle or whatever). She's 18, it's her last year as a camper, she's got an AWESOME cabin (trust me, I've had ALL of them) and counselors, she totally knows what's going on, but the big sister in me is totally worried about her. And what am I going to do for a month without her?!

Sarah and me last Round Up after she received her M

On a less depressing note, the time has also come for SUMMER!!! This weekend, my friend Lindsay, a total nail pro thanks to Pinterest (seriously, I'll do a post next week on all the awesome nail designs she can do), is going to do our nails, Kendall and I are going to see a movie, and Monday is Memorial Day! I'll hopefully be spending lots of time in the sun and by the pool (I know for sure on Monday, but I'm dying to get out in the sun before then).

What are you doing to kick off summer this weekend?!

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