Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Note from the Crate of Napoleon Bone-Apart

Hello there, blog friends! It's been a while since mommy asked me to blog, but she finally remembered!

It's been a while, obviously, and I don't remember what I last told you, so I'll just start randomly. We did a pet class in January/February on the very basics of obedience. There were a lot of distractions and I think mommy wants to retake it in the fall because I didn't do so well with all those other doggies distracting me. Not to mention their treats! I got to go visit my aunt Katie in February, too! I hadn't met her yet so that was fun. We also went to the dog park and played with Paris and Ollie, my very best friends. I wish we lived in Fort Worth so I could play with them all the time. I also wish Tyler had a dog park so I could play and make new friends there, too.
Paris, me, and Ollie at Fort Woof - We're the 3 best
friends that anyone could have!

I haven't been anywhere major since then. Mommy left me with Juju (her mommy) for a night over a weekend in April to go to a party. She wasn't even gone for 24 whole hours, but I missed her very, very much. I was so happy when she got home! I also got groomed again sometime around there... I'm still not a big fan of that. They make me smell good to the humans and my fur gets all fluffy, but mommy seems to like it.

Last week mommy kept talking about my "birthday." I don't know what that is but she was really excited for me. She seems to think I'm one, but doesn't she know I'm more like 7?

Sometimes I see dogs on TV and I don't know HOW they got up there! I look all around the TV and I just can't figure it out. If you know how they get in there, I'd really appreciate you telling me.
Trying to figure out where those puppies are during
the "Puppy Bowl"

OH! Mommy submitted my picture a few weeks ago to my favorite blog, the Daily Corgi. They did a special week (or two) of sleeping corgis and then a week of corgi butts (I think it's kind of weird that so many people like our butts, but whatever...).

Until next time, bloggy people! Baroooooo!


Hollie Ann said...

Awe!!! Your dog is so cute!

Becky Stets said...

I love corgis! SO cute! We have decided that my one pup is part corgi, I can't be for sure but the vet agreed so I'll go with it!

Visiting from Crowley Party Tibs and Bits!

Becky from