Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Branding... Or Rebranding

I've been thinking (a lot) about rebranding/renaming my blog. I want to use my name somehow. First or last. Preferably last.

When I started this blog almost two years ago (can you believe it?), I thought the transition to GrownUpLand (aka getting my first job and moving away from home, whether to an apartment on my own or back to Fort Worth) would be a lot smoother and obviously take a lot less time. However, here I am, playing the waiting game for the umpteenth time. My blog is less about the transition and more just about randomness. I do Music Mondays, I did Favorite Fridays, I've started linking up with Pinterest and others, I review my favorite ads from time to time (ok not so much reviewing as sharing and replaying over and over).

My point is, I love reading lifestyle blogs that have some sort of common thread keeping most of the posts together. I love reading the happenings of others' lives with their own sarcastic spin on things. I feel like I can't do that without sounding like I'm complaining (and I feel like I already complain too much, this feels like complaining).

ANYWAY. I'm thinking about renaming my blog. It's been a good 3 weeks that I've been thinking this, but I just can't think of any cute new names. Any suggestions (on if I should change or new names or whatever you might think period) are appreciated.

PS - can anyone help me figure out what's wrong with my Flickr Photostream widget on the right? It's been messed up all day...

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