Friday, July 2, 2010

Round Up... 20X-treme - Thanks, Hurricane Alex

Where to begin? I guess it'd be good to review a normal Round Up.

Normal Round Up should have started at 3:15 today. The Watershow and War Canoe race would have happened between 3:30 and 5:00-ish. The gates typically open around 2:45 for parents to come in. Then the parents leave/go picnic/tailgate while the campers and counselors go to dinner in the Dining Hall for the last time. Then at 7:30 everyone is reported to Rec Hall for the Chorus and Dance Production. After Chorus and Dance, the parents leave and there is a massive all camp dance party until late. Then tomorrow reveille would have played at 7 am, bright and early. At 8 we would have our last breakfast and the parent would have started coming in around 8:45. Quadrille and Dressage would have performed on the golf course and then there would have been a brunch until 11 when the Awards Ceremony would start. After Awards ceremony, we would have had Tonk Dessert Party and left.

HOWEVER, this was far from the truth this year.

Yesterday, the owners of the camp made an announcement at breakfast that no one expected. Dance and Chorus PRACTICE? Not practice. And it's in Harrison Hall. It'll be videoed for the parents. No practice time, sorry. Jaws dropped. War Canoe? Right after rest period. Along with Synch Swim. Parents? IF they're close enough... Last/CC Tribe Hill? at 5 pm. CCs are not going. Rainy locations, not actually on the hills. Last campfire right after tribe hill and in Rec Hall. Dinner at 6:30 instead of early. Awards Ceremony in Harrison Hall at 8. So basically, the entirety of Round Up was done in one day instead of spread over two days. It was absolute insanity. And absolutely X-treme!

More about camp later. I'm exhausted and have missed my queen sized bed.

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