Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day Off #3

Here we are. My last day off from camp (ever, might I add - woah). We're bumming around good ol' Kerrville today. Earlier, Katye and I had lunch at Spirit Wind Java, a cute local coffee shop that reminded me of Eurotazza in the Fort (may the Tazz rest in peace). I had a great panini there. And there's something about a really cold Coke after being in the summer heat that is just phenomenal. I can't describe it, but if you're sweating profusely after dropping your laundry off at the Hunt Store and spending several days without a/c, drink an ice cold coke (or diet coke if you like) - it's Heaven.

Then we made the drive over to the James Avery Headquarters to get my rings shined and my Mystic year charm. My rings look new again! And I officially feel old because I technically have three decades of charms: two from the 90's, 00-08, and now '10. Also, another thing that makes me feel old is playing the "where were you Frances' first year of camp" game with the campers at my table. Last week, one of my campers was actually born while I was at camp my first year. Three campers this week were definitely not born my first few years at camp. It's a fun game.

Currently, Laine, Annie, McBride, Katye, and I are relaxing at Inn of the Hills watching SpiderMan 3. I do not remember the graphics being so bad when I saw this movie in theaters(three years ago?). I mean, obvs, Peter Parker flying through the air is totally fake, but dang, some of the graphics are just BAD. Topher Grace is so NOT Eric Foreman in this either, which is so weird since I've been watching a lot of That 70's Show late at night (before camp, that is since I have no cable). I think I'll end this before I start to ramble too much. I'll be home in 11 days and then I will resume a more normal posting schedule. I don't know whether to be happy or sad about this though since these are probably my last 11 days at camp ever since I have to be a real person soon. I'm excited about going home and seeing everyone, but camp is so fun! Here's to living up the next 11 days of camp!

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