Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day Off #2

It's been 48 hours since my second day off but man oh man was it a good one! Despite being more tired Wednesday than I was Tuesday, I fully enjoyed my second day off, destination: Austin, Texas.

I left camp for a taco stand right by the famous Hunt Store and ate lunch with several of the other counselors. Being my picky self, I had a hamburger. Strange I know, but I get overwhelmed by new places/menus and I like to cling to what I know. Then I left for Austin to visit my camp bestie, Emily, who(m?) I hadn't seen in THREE years!

We met at the Domain and window shopped for a bit before sitting in Starbucks for an hour or so just talking. I love that with really good friends you can pick up right where you left off. It's one of the most comforting things in life. Then we walked on down to the Lilly Pulitzer store there and visited our cabin mate, Caitlin! We had a mini reunion - no seriously, there were 17 people in our cabin our last year so 3 people constitutes a mini reunion - haha. It was so nice to see Caitlin and catch up with her too.

After we visited Caitlin, Em and I called Halei and Katye and met them for dinner at Magnolia Cafe. Let me tell you, Magnolia Cafe would be an amazing place to people watch at 3 am. It would be like IHOP at 3 am. But on steroids. Or something more hippie-esque. After dinner, Em and I said a quick goodbye and took a photo, I gassed up and hit the road back to Kerrville. I'll definitely be making another trip to Austin this summer to visit Em and finally celebrate our 21sts (and now our 22nds)!

In the past week at camp we've had a lot of fun stuff happen: Tonk Kidnap Breakfast and CC Day last Thursday, Capture the Flag and Kiowa Serenade on Saturday, and my cabin's age group's cabin campfire. Tonight we have a dance with one of the boys' camps down the road. The girls are all really excited.

That's all I have for now. I think once I get the chance (which may be when I get home in July) I'll add pictures to my posts, but for now all you get is the text.

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Tracy said...

I LOVE Magnolia! We used to go there during finals and eat Mag Mud (queso) while we stayed up all night and studied. I can confirm that, yes, there is fantastic people watching at 3am.