Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vacations, Vacations!

For the past few summers I've had the pleasure of going on several vacations with my family! As I'm getting geared up for this summer's vacation con mi madre to Los Angeles, I thought I'd recount a few of the highlights of past summer vacays.

Summer 2006 - Branson, MO, with my dad - We road tripped (the 5 of us, not just me and my dad) up to MO to visit my step-mom's parents. We went to Silver Dollar City (awesome water park), rode the Branson Belle around the lake for dinner and a show, and other fun Branson-y things. Obviously, this was four years ago and I can't remember many of the details, but what I do remember is wanting to go back!

Summer 2007 - Galveston, TX, with my dad - Not as fun a vacation as the previous or following vacations as it ended with some serious eye issues for your's truly. But definitely a relaxing week after my second year as a counselor at Mystic.

Summer 2008 - Hilton Head, SC, with my mom - Flew out to visit my mom's aunt, uncle, and cousin. Went to the beach, great shopping, and straight up relaxation. Would love to visit again - it was gorgeous! Read New Moon while flying - definitely contributed to it being my favorite book (not to mention the only one I actually bought).

Summer 2009 - Carnival Cruise to Jamaica and Grand Cayman Islands with my dad - super relaxing, did a TON of reading, bonded with Sarah, missed Camp a TON. The day we were on Grand Cayman I decided that's where I'd like to honeymoon when I get married.
Washington, DC, with my mom - She hadn't been since a time when she couldn't remember and I hadn't been in 7 years. DC is awesome. Honestly, if it weren't so far away from Texas I'd probably job search there, but it's too far away and I love Texas too much, haha. We did the typical tourist stuff and rode double decker tour buses round the city! It was a really cool way to sight see.

Summer 2010 - Los Angeles/Beverly Hills with my mom - so far we've found out that we're missing Kendra Wilkinson's book signing at the Grove by less than 24 hours and I'm way bummed about it. We're also looking into double decker tours around LA. We signed up for a lottery for tickets to SYTYCD, but we're thinking getting them is lookin' pretty bleak. Either way it's going to be an awesome trip. My mom's never been to the west coast and I've only been once (Spring Break 2009), so we're doing everying tourist-y there is to do, except maybe a studio tour, but maybe we'll end up doing one?

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j e n. said...

hi frances! i just started a blog and saw on FB you had one, too! yay bloggers!

p.s. i LOVE kendra & i'm super bummed for you that you're missing her book signing! so close!