Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Transferring iPod/iTunes

You'd think after doing this two other times, we'd have it down, however it always seems to be an ordeal no matter what: Transferring my iPod from old computer to new computer. We had to do it in May 2006 when I got my laptop for college. We had to do it in May 2008 when I got a new laptop after the first one crashed. And now I have my wonderful MacBook Pro and we're trying it again. For some odd reason it gets harder every time we have to do this. This time my mother is making an appointment (for $29 might I add) to speak with someone AT APPLE to get us through this. I tried Monday night and it ended in tears. My mom tried last night and my HP is still canceling 12 hours later. I'm thinking this time the issues are from my crappy HP laptop since it obviously has problems, however we've had issues transferring the music before so it's not just the laptop.
Either way it's REALLY obnoxious. After we get this down I will never EVER touch that HP laptop again. Nor will I ever purchase anything HP again. Until this laptop's issues began (I think they really started in April 09), I had a very high opinion of HP, however all of this has made my opinion do a complete 180 to loathing. Now I'd rather have a Dell and I don't think Dells are very high up on the PC totem pole... But I shouldn't have to worry about any of this with my amazing MacBook Pro.
All that I really miss from having a PC is the home, pg up, pg down, and delete buttons. Yea, yea, hitting the up and down arrows work like the page up/down arrows to an extent, but those buttons put a little umph in scrolling the page. And the home button would take me all the way to the top of a page and the beginning of a line of text... I'll get used to it soon, I'm sure.

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