Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo... in Swedish?

Yes, I bought and watched The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in Swedish. Target had it on DVD and I couldn't pass it up. It was buy it now or wait for a month for Anna to get back to Tyler to watch with her and Kendall. But it was staring me in the face at Target and I went for it.

Also, this post may contain spoilers, so if you intend on reading the series but have yet to start, don't read any further!

I watched it last night and wow. Those Swedes know how to write books and make movies based off of books! It's pretty much the book on film in two and a half hours - even the not so good parts, which one of I definitely fast forwarded through (if you've read I'm sure you can guess). The actress who played Lisbeth was not exactly on, for me anyway, but she was pretty close. It makes me anxious for who they're going to cast for the English/American version. And yea, Blomkvist and Berger are supposed to be older than Lisbeth, but in the Swedish version I felt they were a little too old. Their actors were great but just a little too wrinkled. However, this morning it has been announced that Daniel Craig will play Blomkvist in the English/American version and I think this is pretty excellent. I'm almost certain that without thinking about it consciously I imagined someone very much like him while reading the books. My only thing now is that I will consciously think about him while finishing the third book (which I fully plan to do this week).

Onto other characters: Bjurman... SO creepy. It really made me wonder who Hollywood is considering for the character. He was so disgusting and I felt sick when he was on screen.
Harriet... was gorgeous as a young girl. I almost hope they recast the same person since when they flashback to her as a teenager she didn't really speak. She was stunning. When she returns though she's a bit too old. Already grey headed and as I recall she was only a few years older than Blomkvist and shouldn't be totally grey if at all.
Old man Vanger... I thought he was pretty much dead on.
Martin... Again, perfect. He also made me feel sick, especially at the end - that was exactly as I had pictured it.

I promise I'm not like super obsessed or anything, but it is worth mentioning. If you've read the book(s), I high recommend that you see the Swedish movie. Yea, they're speaking Swedish and you're having to read subtitles, but it's not that bad. Since they stick to the book so well, you don't even really need the subtitles, but I had them on anyway. You can watch it in dubbed English but dubbing always throws me off. But seriously, watch it.

I've been trying to upload pictures, but Blogger doesn't want to cooperate at the moment, so maybe I'll come back and try again later.

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