Wednesday, June 5, 2013

It's No Secret...

That I LOVE dance. I danced most of my life. I watch So You Think You Can Dance almost religiously. I watch Dance Moms and love the drama (although if they're trying to integrate the dance dads from Cathy's studio, I might have to stop watching because they're just stupid). Last summer I fell in love with the new company Shaping Sound on All the Right Moves featuring a ton of SYTYCD alumni. I love dance.

So a few months ago when Shaping Sound finally announced their tour dates I was thrilled. I had to be there. I had to watch my new gay crush, Nick Lazzarini, in person. I love him. I don't care that he doesn't like girls. He's a beautiful specimen and he can dance. Total package. And Kyle is also super cute, too. Not to mention the choreography this group performs is just amazeballs.
Teddy, Travis, Kyle, and Nick, the founders of Shaping Sound

Anyway, tonight is the night they hit the stage in Dallas and I couldn't be more excited. Here are a few of their dances from the show last summer.

Travis Wall being dramatic... but beautiful at what he does.

Travis got asked to choreograph an Ingrid Michaelson music video.

Teddy's choreography for their opening show last year in LA.

These people dance how I wish I could dance! I love it!

Is there something you as much as I love dance?

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