Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend-ish Shenanies

What up? I'm back for more Weekend Shenanigans... Only my weekend was more like Wed-Friday night because I was exhausted Saturday and Sunday for no real reason. Anyway, here's my Weekend-ish Shenanies.

Sami's Shenanigans

Wednesday afternoon my mom and I drove over to Dallas. She has a Marriott Reward account so we were staying at the Renaissance (technically in Richardson) for free! It was SUPER nice and we could walk to the venue where we were seeing the Shaping Sound tour (big plus). After attempting to get seated at this loud and hot little Cuban place, we gave up and walked back over to the hotel and ate dinner in the bar.

After dinner we ran back up the room and grabbed my purse and phone (I had to charge it for adequate picture taking, duh) and walked over to the Eisemann Center. Super nice venue. The website says it's about 10 years old, but it looks even newer than that. In the smallest of small worlds, my seester's dance teacher and two company members were sitting RIGHT in front of me and my mom. My sophomore year roommate and her sister were also there (although not sitting right near us) so I got to see them, too!
Shaping Sound Company tour 2013 program
On to the show. I can't even, y'all. It was SO good. If I wasn't in love with Nick Lazzarini before, I most definitely am now. I would have his babies if he would let me (unfortunately I don't think he wants any females to have his babies... So sad). Anyway - the show was amazeballs. Still gaga over it.
That's Nick in the black... LOVE.
Thursday night was the opening night of an exhibit called 6x6 at a local art gallery downtown. My friends, Lindsay and Chad, and I painted some canvases last weekend and we wanted to see our beautiful works of art alongside all of the others (and maybe to buy some). This exhibit is so awesome. It's a TON of 6x6 inch canvases that locals have painted or quilted or whatever and then the canvases are sold for $20 to raise money for the gallery. I did it in the fall and went after the opening night and one of mine had already sold! Talk about a self esteem booster. Anyway, I wasn't really going to buy one, but I saw one and fell in love. It'll be going up in my new apartment, so no worries - you'll get to see it!

Friday morning I had breakfast with my seester and finally got to finally give her graduation gift! I'm still so proud of it, let me tell you. I got her a shower caddy, bought a monogram sticker on Etsy to put on one of the sides, and filled the caddy with stuff I used when I was a freshman and called it her "Freshman Year Survival Kit." She loved it. And I'm so glad because, like I said, I was super proud of it!
Seester's Freshman Year Survival Kit
Friday night my seester graduated from high school! I went over to my dad and step-mom's house for hamburgers before going out to the school district's stadium. The weather was perfect and it was absolutely gorgeous. I graduated in an old, broken AC, nasty, shell of a building. This was quite the opposite and I was (and maybe still am) incredibly jealous. The Valedictorian's speech was entirely TOO long. It started out ok, but then he just kept talking. And they spelled his name wrong on the big screen, something I can relate to since we have the same name only his is obvi the boy version and mine is obvi the girl version. Anyway, my bestie's sister was also graduating so we texted through most of the ceremony and got a picture at the end. I can't wait for my seester to start the next chapter of her life! She's going to rock college.
Who knew Texas in June could be so pleasant?

That's seester crossing the stage!


with the Graduate!

How was your weekend?

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