Monday, June 17, 2013

Bachelorette Shenanigans!

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This weekend was one of my college roommates' Bachelorette Weekend!

I was very low-key Friday night since I had a BIG Saturday planned. Saturday morning I woke up early, packed, and headed to Fort Worth! I got to FTW about 11:30 so I stopped at one of my favorite restaurants, Kincaid's Hamburgers, for lunch. Their hamburgers are perfect and they have crinkle fries! I also love(d) that they have Cherry Coke (however, I haven't had Coke since FEBRUARY, so I stuck to Sprite - nonetheless, I love that they have the option).

After a delish lunch, I went to Amanda's apartment to change and help with any last minute finishing touches she needed before the rest of the guests arrived. Her apartment was precious (as to be expected from this particular Amanda) and her decorations for the Bridal Shower were perfect!
Gorgeous (and yummy) cake
So cute
Stacey and the salad bowls I gave her!
After the Shower, I went downtown to check in to my hotel room and relax a little before getting all glammed up for the Bachelorette Party! Then, I went downstairs to the Bachelorette Party room and helped decorate there before everyone arrived. When the party started, we played some fun games, had delicious snacks, and drank pink champagne!

The Bride-to-Be and me
roomies reunited!
After that, we caught one of the last trolleys to Mi Cocina for dinner! Then we went to one of my (and the bride-to-be's) favorite places: Pete's Dueling Piano Bar! We danced, sang loudly, and had an absolute blast! Stacey brought one of her friends from TN/ bridesmaid, Kaitlyn, who quickly became all of our new friend. She created the motto for the night when boys started to approach us: Buy us a drink or leave! We were kind of kidding, but kind of not - what good is being a girl in a bar if you don't get a free drink or two?

All of us before we hit the town!
Pete's Piano Bar
We love Pete's.
At the end of the night (or beginning of the morning?), we walked back to our hotel (that's one of the greatest things about downtown Fort Worth - you can walk EVERYWHERE) and hung out for a few more minutes before I went back up to my room and got in bed. Quints was on on Disney Channel and Maggie and I relived our 90's childhood-ness for the last 20 minutes or so of the movie.

Sunday morning, Maggie and I hit up the Jazz Cafe for breakfast. It's a little mom and pop hole-in-the wall place, but my breakfast was SOOOO yummy.

After that, I drove back to Tyler, exhausted and VERY ready for my move to the Fort next month!

How was your weekend?

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Olivia said...

So fun! I do love Fort Worth!!! And now I want some crinkle fries :)