Friday, February 8, 2013

High Five!

It's Friday again which means I'm linking up for H5fF! It's a good time, right? Right!

one: My poor baby got some sort of skin infection last week either while he was boarded or at pet manners class. He felt AWFUL all weekend, but after a trip to the vet Monday he's on the mend! Having a sick pet is just miserable. I felt terrible for Nappy, but I'm SO happy he's feeling better.

two: I got my first flu shot ever in my lifetime. Ever. I went to the Dr. Tuesday and she's been pressing me to get a flu shot/the nasal spray for the past few months years and I told her if they had the tiny short little needle I'd get it. So now I need your applause because despite it being a teeny tiny needle, I'm still quite needlephobic. And it really wasn't that bad, but still - show me love! Please?

three: I got my package from the #VDayMugSwap! My partner, Niki, totally got me! My mug is SO cute and I can't wait to show it off next week in the #VDayMugSwap link up!

four: National Signing Day was Wednesday and TCU picked up some pretty great recruits. I can't wait for football season, especially now that its over. Can you believe there's something in this world that actually makes people look forward to the fall (school and all... Oh yea, hopefully I'll be back in school, too. I sent in my application to my TOP grad school this week. Please oh PLEASE accept me!)?!

five: And on Wednesday, TCU (read: worst basketball team in the Big 12, hadn't won a Big 12 basketball game, complete opposite of TCU's football team in the W/L column) BEAT (handily, never trailing behind them) #5 ranked Kansas. IN BASKETBALL. 62-55, I think was the final score. I had to take a picture of the students rushing the court on TV, hence the terrible picture. It's absolute insanity.


What were the highlights of your week?

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Les said...

We just got a dog a few weeks ago, and I've become super paranoid that something will go wrong. Haha

Have a wonderful weekend!