Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Walk Softly and Carry a Big...

Curtain rod? We now carry a curtain rod with us on our walks.

Yes. Two weeks ago, Nappy, my mom, and I were on our (mostly, except when it's raining) daily walk. As we were coming around this awkward corner in our neighborhood, when we saw this bull dog-looking dog in his yard without a leash or any restraint. Being the trusting neighbors we are, we tried to just hurry around this corner and keep moving along in case this was not a nice dog.

Well, guess what? It was NOT a nice dog. It wasn't even a mean dog. It was a crazy dog with reckless owners. This dog comes barreling across almost three streets to us and attacks Nappy. Male aggression attacking, if you catch my drift. Scariest five minutes of my life. The mean dog's (female) owner comes running out of her car to get him off of Nappy while Nappy is screaming. If you've ever heard a dog scream, it's terrible - especially when it's your dog.
Why would anyone want to attack this sweet boy?

Whether they think it's "cool" or they know he has training problems, this dog has on a choke collar with the prongs that dig into their neck for corrections, not just a training chain collar. Either way this collar slips right off of this stupid dog and he continues attacking Nappy. Finally the dog's (male) owner comes out with the stupid dog's leash, but a leash doesn't really help if the dog's collar doesn't stay on, does it? Finally they get the collar and leash on (did I forget to say that not only did they have a horrible collar, but it slipped right off?!) and take the dog back to their house. We exchange information and all that and walk Nappy the rest of the way home.

Luckily, Nappy only came away with a scratch on his private area (but I think it's going to scar, unfortunately). When we got home, my mom doctored her knee and foot (she fell on the asphalt trying to get the stupid dog off of Nappy and scraped the top of her foot and her knee through her sweat pants) and then called Animal Control just to have the situation reported. The dog ended up being up to date on rabies and everything so we didn't have to take Nappy to the emergency vet (thank God!) since it was a Sunday and Christmas Eve Eve.

Anyway, moral of the story, we now carry an old metal curtain rod with a giant bulb on the end when we go on walks in case another dog comes after us. Also, if you're one of those people that trusts their dog to stay in the yard: DON'T. Put your dog on a leash. If you don't want to have to stay out with your dog, put him in the back yard or take him to the dog park (provided he isn't aggressive).

Helene in Between

Have you ever been involved in a dog attack/fight?

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Julie said...

Poor Nappy!!! I would be terrified if I were you! Some people are just not smart/responsible enough to own pets. And if your dog is mean, then hello, don't let him be around other dogs or people... and especially not loose in the yard!